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Stress Reduction 

The energy created by the structure was really incredible. The musical vibrations were stimulating but also relaxing. My stress level dropped from maximum to just about nothing in 1 music track. Even afterwards, my body continues to vibrate. Teri  

The vibrations began and the tension began to ease immediately. I felt extremely comfortable in the DreamWeaver. When I got up I felt all tension shatter away. No other experience quite matches the power demonstrated here. Joanie  

Warmth, peace, total relaxation, loss of worry, awareness, tranquillity, euphoria. Stan  

The vibration of sound relaxing to the inner, leaving behind, if only for a few brief moments, all the outside world. Wonderful! Jack  

This has been the most profound experience I have ever enjoyed. It's almost impossible to describe the feelings generated in my soul through the vibrational sound experience. Certainly the best way to relax, meditate. No matter what the stress level. Brian  

The intuitive selection of music was so appropriate! I'm a Reike II practitioner and I don't see but I feel as a clairvoyant. I felt the electrified air within the dodecahedron then a pulsar wave from the drumming created a shift within the major meridians flowing from feet towards crown. Lastly I felt heat radiating down my arms out my hands as if channeling in a Reike session and I noticed a physical heat of the body while leaving. Alison  

Physical Pain Reduction 

An experiential Enchantment, and a very practical healing device. I limped in (bad hip, orthopedic problem, etc.), and walked out. For me it was a physical and spiritual "shakedown", a reconnection. The lovely people this experience seems to attract, well, it all became a very whole and health enhancing event. Debbie 

When I first sat down had difficulty crossing my legs due to pain in right and left hips. Energy swirling like a dust devil of white light from center of self, spirals upwards. Continued, hip joints seemed to release, pain greatly decreased. Experienced floating sensation, entire body. Nancy  

I met Benedick in New Hampshire at the sound colloquium (doctor's can't spell) where he demonstrated the Genesis and where he discussed Sacred Geometry. He told me about this new unit he's designed which is affordable for us all. But does it have value? Definitely. I skeptically entered the dodecahedron with my lower back pain from tennis. I felt a usual amount of this pain. David had to ask me how my back was because I'd forgotten I'd had pain - it was gone. I felt nurtured, relaxed and mentally clear. I recommend this with out hesitation. Don, MD  

When I first laid down, my lower back was tense, painful. Lying flat has been difficult for many years. Listening to the music was a pleasure, it seemed to have a centering effect. The deep drum beats resounded and vibrated in that tense area, marching up and down my spine. Very quickly the muscles relaxed and the vibrations moved out from the solar plexus. I ended relaxed, a little tired from the release, but feeling happy, very centered. Kathy

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Emotional Pain Reduction 

This was the first time I have ever felt present within my body. I was able to view the traumas of childhood in an non threatening way, and change the energy behind it. Afterwards, I felt such a connection and love for the Divine Presence. Stan  

Being a lover of music, as well as a musician, I can't think of a more effective way to stimulate as well as relax the psyche. Sherry  

This a much different musical experience than I have ever had before. I am a musician, and have had musical experiences which permeated my soul, and this did that, but in a much different way. I had images of flight and wasn't really aware of the floor beneath me. It was wonderful. Most of what I felt was very emotional. I could feel my heart rate increase to the point I thought you could see my chest pounding, then slow down so much it felt like it was hardly beating. I could feel the vibrations very briefly in the top of my head and then only at the top of my heels. When the music stopped I felt very relaxed but my heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. I felt like crying. Ruth  

I was able to go back in a short time, I saw so many people who had hurt me, and was able to completely forgive them & myself. I still feel so very free after the experience. Donna  

Free! Living from my feelings rather than my head. Achieving that changes the way of being I have had for a long time. That is what I'm leaving with. Will  

Never, in any therapeutic environment, have I such magical memory recall. During the time between treatments I was able to organize these experiences, and use them as a guide to new understanding. I have been able to acknowledge some of my faults, and at the same time I let go of a lot of pain. Most of the time it was just fun! Andrew  

I am sincerely grateful for the safe environment created for the release of some very old and deep emotions. Sandy  

As the session started I became aware of a great loneliness in my soul. A deep pain tearing my soul. The tears came and washed through me. I am afraid this pain will never stop. I am seeing colors more clearly after the session and feel more balanced and fluid like "I can do this" whatever "this" is. Feel contemplative and realize there is more stuff to move through. I loved the DreamWeaver. I'm looking forward to "flying" with it. I felt completely safe to be where I am and it proves that I need to process. Mindy  

The vibrations of the music coming through the table keyed immediately into a trauma I'd had a month ago. The release I experienced was overwhelming and joyous. Danniel 

Personal and Planetary Transformation
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