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After all the workshops and inner work I've done, I still hadn't gotten to the core issues.... till now. This pushed me throughout the last membrane of resistance I needed to push through. I'm grateful as can be! Thank you so much! Rosemary   

Before I entered the shape, my intention was to open up to my right work, now, in my life. When the music played I saw myself going through a fantasy, forest - fairy tale landscape. I saw beautiful water cascading and was filled with a great sense of profound beauty, which has always been a motivating factor in my wanting to produce art. I began to experience some experiences from my life and I felt like my personality was breaking. I felt almost like it was so beautiful that it was painful. Elizabeth   

The session brought me back to certain scenarios with a common theme of which I had never made a conscious connection. I was able to feel my thoughts and release the long held energy blocks through my tears. When asked to "edit" my "video" I was able to transform my thoughts, feelings and energy, thus releasing and becoming free. Freedom was the theme of my dedication. Control issues and never having been able to complete things that meant a great deal to me were brought forward. I was eventually able to laugh at those old scenarios, and especially my father. My body physically shook throughout most of the session, but now afterwards I feel incredibly relaxed, free and complete. I am eternally grateful for your vision and your sharing. Nancy   

The work session created a safe space to access and let go of old "stuff", and open to a more open, healing and stronger energy. It was really quite a freeing experience. Lisa   

Body, Mind and Spirit Alignment  

Vibrations take away and bring. Stagnation stifle the heart that would sing.  
Movement as in Tai Chi and dance. Balances us into our truest stance. Terry   

In the beginning there was resistance, electrical energy as music vibrated within. Jagged in the beginning here and there. At one point a lot of energy around the heart. Down the left leg more than the right. Gradually I began to feel as one whole unit rather than different parts and the energy flowed down the front, up the back and filled my head with an "aliveness", perhaps integration is the word, but more than that. Betty   

I felt extremely relaxed. The words of the song were very meaningful but the voice on the vocal was irritating. It was clear but sharp at times. I analyzed the "why" of the discomfort to my ears in light of my recent loss of some of my hearing. I was made aware that I need to be more understanding of other's views and philosophy and be more open to "hear" - not to necessarily feel compelled to change me or them but to understand the joy and beauty and Oneness in combined vibrations and frequencies. Becky   

First there was the music, soft and friendly. Then it rose, getting very powerful, like coming from outer space, greeting , welcoming. Little fingers started dancing up and down the spine, light and playful, like feathers. Cool and light, like an ocean breeze, human fingers, hands, touching my feet. Soothing, calming, reassuring! Friends on the outside, the universe on the inside. Being surrounded by love and togetherness. Hilga   

Going into the experience, I intended to just allow. When the music and vibration started I felt as though I was getting a Chakra massage going slowly up to my throat and third eye. Tremendous feeling of unity with myself. Helen   

A joy massage that grew and grew. It was absolutely awesome. I feel great! Full of love and joy. Connie  

Multiple Sessions  

The first session I felt a lot of tension and pain in my hips, legs and back. My emotions of the past were being massaged out of my body. I was able to visualize scenes from my past that had caused me to give my power away and to bury anger and to react out of fear. I was then able to visualize those scenes in different ways and by the end of the session I was actually laughing and enjoying myself. After the first session I went through a process of releasing a great deal of guilt and fear about making choices, not to mention releasing anger. I really started feeling great about myself aside from others opinions. During the second session I felt some more of the pain and tension in my legs, hips, and back being released. I felt some of the tension in my body come up and go away as I was doing deep breathing. There was some pain and tension in my chest that came up and I saw that being released, and as that was, I felt incredible. Lots of peace, joy and love. Felt lots of forgiveness. Saw some scenes from my childhood and parents house. I began to feel very integrated and balanced. Felt that I had released a lot of anger, fear, and guilt. Felt more open to self. Mary   

As I entered and lay to rest I immediately felt the energy within it's space. The vibration was soft and comforting. The oncoming of the music assisted me in achieving a very deep relaxed state and I noticed the more intense vibrations throughout my entire body. This being my second time with the device, it was much different than the first. Through the combination of the energy within and the sound vibration I was able to achieve and experience a deeper level of vibration that allowed me to experience my energy self, something that I haven't been able to do in years. This time also I felt much more clean within emotionally than my first experience. The dynamics of this particular device, being a hypnotherapist, I see could be very beneficial in assisting a subject to enter a much deeper state. Tim   

I'm off to a wonderful start this new year - a five - day fast culminating with a DreamWeaver session and a new commitment to frequently scheduled sessions. I dedicated today's session to clarity for '96 and, as always, the session went beyond my expectations. Even thought I've had several sessions, I still marvel at the uniqueness of each one and the ease in which I am now able to relax, let go, and enter into my own "magic kingdom." Just like a small child at an amusement park, I watch in total fascination the adventures that I am participating in. Today's travelogue started at the bottom of the sea, where I lived in a clam shell. The shell was transparent and I could see all the fish and sea creatures swimming around me. When the bass sounds of the music hit my spine, it felt like a "tapping" on my shell - the sea creatures beckoning me outside to join them. I did, and in joining them became one with them - the water, the fish, the plant life - everything merging into one. No feeling of a separate body anymore - no body at all - first one mind - one mind in love with its Self - The Mind of God.   
These sessions have taught me so much about love, most of which I still can't express in words and maybe never will. I do know that as these feelings become stronger and stronger and consume more and more of my being, all fears are left behind - like the wave that returns to the sea - they seem to dwindle away into nothingness. Mary   

Problem Solving 

My experience in the space was relaxing, enchanting, and very insightful. Was able to get down into some core issues very quickly, easily. Perry  

This session left me with the feeling of going through an initiation - to now return to do spiritual healing work again. (My healing work for the last four years has been on a physical plane.) I walked down an aisle with light beings on each side, dressed in gowns of light with golden headdresses with rays and beams of light radiating from their heads. I was only able to walk one half down the aisle due to blocks. As the blocks cleared I continued, went through a well of light - fire, out the other side. I now had a golden headdress. My white robe had been given to me earlier. It is time for me to go forth and do my healing work again, to be more conscious of the healing that I do in daily activity - not to limit myself and therefore limit what I give and receive. Candice  

Personal and Planetary Transformation
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