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Do you try
to describe the
smell of the
most gorgeous
flower or just
smell it?

Do you to try
to describe the
taste of the
most exquisite
meal or just
eat it?

Do you attempt
to quantify the
feeling of love or
just feel it?

Get out of your
head and into the

One session
in the
and you’ll be





Read what
have said.







DreamWeaver Sessions

Each session in the DreamWeaver has its own life. To begin your session your DreamWeaver facilitator will discuss the intention for your session and (depending upon the skills and other professional training of the facilitator) take an inventory of your life to assist in optimizing the outcome of your intent.

Below are more specifics about your session, but keep in mind your session will be as unique as you are. Try not to quantify it by what you read here, rather allow these details to introduce you to your experience!

Creating within the DreamWeaver is an extra-ordinary experience, provides deep relaxation both clients and facilitators have noted these effects:

  • On the physical body: Reduced stress, reduced physical pain, reduced blood pressure, heart rate balanced, sounder sleep, breathing deepened and the immune system is strengthened. The whole body is deeply relaxed.
  • On the mental body: The brainwaves are balanced enhancing clarity, focus, creativity and productivity. The mind is at ease.
  • On the emotional body: Reduced stress, reduced emotional pain, release of grief, anger and fear. Self empowerment to master negative behavioral patterns. A profound feeling of being soothed, nurtured and calmed. Happiness.
  • On the spiritual body: Chakras and meridians are balanced and centered. Imaginative dreamlike, inspirational and deep meditative states of being. A feeling of inner peace and being connected to source. These experiences are often described as very blissful.

Working with a Facilitator:

The DreamWeaver vibrationally assists the body to a higher resonance. It works on all levels of the body, mind and soul. Each DreamWeaver facilitator provides their unique presence to your time together. By blending many alternative-healing practices into a session in the DreamWeaver your facilitator is skilled on many levels to create a safe and supportive environment for you to relax and enjoy.

Because the DreamWeaver is a powerful healing tool, your Professional DreamWeaver Facilitator is trained to use a special protocol designed to maximize your experience. The benefits of your facilitated session are greatly enhanced with intent. You are asked to hold this intention while in the DreamWeaver while the facilitator assists you with careful selection of the appropriate music, aromas and other therapeutic modalities. Various touch therapies and/or verbal dialogue may be incorporated in your personal session. Consult with your DreamWeaver Facilitator if you have any special requests.

When coming to a DreamWeaver session you are asked to wear comfortable clothing. Sessions last between ½ to 1 hour but different DreamWeaver facilitators provide different services so check with them. Your facilitator will tune sessions to your unique needs.

"I have professionally referred many colleagues as well as clients as I am convinced that the therapy offered by Benedick Howard gives significant results." Adele Miller RSHom

Benedick Howard, creator of the DreamWeaver
personally facilitates sessions in Hilo Hawaii.

Call 808 345 4422

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with Sound and Sacred Geometry

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