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Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Sound and Sacred Geometry

Dreamweaver Training

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Personal development and consciousness exploration,
physical healing and enhanced self-worth are only a
few of the pathways opened by the DreamWeaver.
Who knows what it holds for you… healing,
transformation, inner peace?

The DreamWeaver is a tool for exploring consciousness. The trainings are designed to support you using the DreamWeaver in different applications. Whatever your skills, our intent is to share the DreamWeaver in a committed spiritual environment for those envisioning and manifesting a better world. Through these trainings you will grow on many levels to connect more deeply with the inner authentic you.

There are three levels of training:

  • DreamWeaver: Family and Friends
  • DreamWeaver: Professionals
  • DreamWeaver: Temple Builder

The DreamWeaver, for Family and Friends training is for those intending to use the DreamWeaver for non professional use with family and friends. It is a self study course consisting of a manual with exercises and videos that are provided with your DreamWeaver. Up to two hours of free telephone consultation is available with Benedick Howard with each DreamWeaver purchased.

DreamWeaver, for Professional trainings have been refined over the years and are directed towards professionals using the DreamWeaver in education, organizations and therapeutically in the healing arts.

DreamWeaver, for Temple Builder is for those wanting to build DreamWeavers locally in some other country.


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Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Sound and Sacred Geometry

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