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“If music be the
food of life, then
play on…”

William Shakespeare

“Music melts all
the separate
of our bodies

Anais Nin


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November 2000
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Where will the Music take You?

Around the world?
To the moon and stars?
To a different time?
Everywhere and beyond?
So be it…

Music has profound effect on the human body from reduced blood pressure to entrainment of brain waves. In the DreamWeaver these effects are even more profound than when listened to by the ear alone. The range of compositional elements in the DreamWeaver 10-pack is designed to create a variety of responses in the human body to obtain results ranging from deep relaxation to profound inner mystical experiences and awareness to open new windows of transcendence!

Most exciting about the DreamWeaver 10-pack is that it consists of music so rare, most have never heard it before. Because of the “undiscovered” nature of the music, there is little or no previous anchoring or imprint, you’re free to hear, feel and explore the experience of the music like never before!

The DreamWeaver 10-pack contains music from the following: World beat & Dance, Mantras & Chanting, Trance Club, New Age, African, Native American, Classical. Expereince Exotic World Rhythms, Visionary Ambient Textures, Eclectic Spectrum of International Sound, Profound Groove, Ancient Chants Revisited, Meditative Hip Hop Rhythms, Ethereal & Inspirational Movements.

The DreamWeaver Top Ten

Click on title to listen and purchase online. Enjoy!

Bali Dua
by Jalan Jalan

Cafe del Sol 2
by various artists

The Essence by
Deva Premal

Touch the Sun
by Ikarus

Sacred Spirits II
by various artists

Sacred World
by various artists

Elevation 4
by various artists

State of Grace
by various artists

Fire of the Oracle
by Suvarna

Liquid Mind V
by Chuck Wild

Top Ten is frequently updated, check back or stay in touch
to discover the latest in “unheard rhythms".

Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Sound and Sacred Geometry

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