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Spiritual Integration

Thank you so much for providing such a powerful vehicle to help me come back to my "connected" place and sense again the reality of who I really am. Celia 

My four and a half years old daughter just floated away and loved her experience. That night she slept very deeply, and longer than usual. In the morning she awoke singing, "What if God was one of us..." How beautiful. Margarette 

Complete communion, flesh is divine
We partake,

Hearts beating with the cosmic pulse,

Together we form a being/beings from the heart,

Reaching no further than the now,

We share, we create, we love,

I thank, I honor, I bless, I adore, I love all my brothers and sisters, 

Holding them fast in my heart, thankful for being held fast.
What of it? WE SHALL SEE!

Vibration complete - basic ancient truth brought to being again. When will we learn? Chris 

Joy to the Earth and to being in a body! And to getting the universe with rhythms and dances of the Earth! For one who comes with experience and memories of joy in the outermost dimensions and longs for that connectedness, I remember also the sacredness of my feet on the earth and union with another. Mindy 

I felt total love, joy, and child of god. The love was so strong I could only cry to express it. It was love and joy. Thank you so much. Mary 

A moment out of time, to totally live in the present moment, caressed by - what? Vibration, resonance and harmony, I guess would be appropriate words. I find it a little difficult to describe the experience on a verbal level, because it takes one beyond the verbal self. Judy 

Father's day - celebration of merging the masculine aspect of God within me. Ecstasy!! Every cell of my being opened and moving to remembering who I am and why I am here: to experience the love through a body so that I can touch with this love. I felt the expansion of my heart in every part of me. Two beings placed a package of light in my second chakra - replacing the part of me not claimed for lifetimes. Merging with my whole self - unconditional love overflowing and touching all creation. In love with every particle of "BEING". I love the gift that you are to give as you receive. I am so grateful for our meeting again. Frances 

"To trip the sound fantastic!" I went so very deep within, yet so very far away - all at he same time/moment. I felt very grounded with the low tones and vibrations. I soared with higher tones and chimes and felt I was being called home. Home was toward the light of just being. I was able to feel and experience the different energy fields surrounding my body. I felt as if I had many hands from many different levels healing and clearing my body. 
The feeling of "going home" was joyful, blissful, yet a feeling of sadness that I couldn't fully connect and stay in that state. I wanted to cry and had tears in my eyes. It wasn't a cry of sadness, but one of connecting and feeling whole. Niel 

This was a place I'd been before. I felt as if I'd come home. Kimberly 


The DreamWeaver is a brilliant Sanctum Sanctorum. It facilitates optimal entrainment, release of congested emotions, realignment of DNA, brain state acceleration into hyperspace and elastisizes time. It is a "sure" bet. We are desirous that you have this device and that you become proficient in its technology, methodologies, and ramifications in terms of deep trance psychology and spiritual plane convergence synthesis. It will offer avenues for ongoing exploration and enhance spiritual practices which integrate full mind/body content and transcendent states of consciousness i.e. the light body and kundilini. Know that the revenue is coming in. Jorge - Hathor Council.


Energy traveled from the tips of my toes to the end of my nose. The life within my body breathed more deeply through me and I had to laugh out loud. This was a wondrous healing experience for me and I'm sure it will be for others also. PS - I did have visions of complex star patterns as well. Patricia 

In the beginning there was apprehension then came relaxation - odors that brought forth the jungle and fragrances, orchids, most sulfurous heat. I slipped into a cave and started down deep moving black waters - rocks, old temples, overhanging vines and monkeys - drums permeated everything. I peeled off my sarong, felt the water and headed through the jungle, my body sweating. The drums, the music, the acrid air, they all became a part of me. Even the sunlight bouncing off the leaves was in sink with the drums. My vision became blurred & vibrated in tune with the primal heat. Other black & brown toned skins began to stroke me - the smells of camphor and lime came from my skin. My senses exploded and all I could do was writhe and move in line with the others. I lost all control. The movement of our bodies was so rhythmic that I did not realize that I was under a waterfall in the throes of erotic sex. The water was warm, the sounds and smells were all of me. Slowly each hand and body left me and I was on my side laying on the grasses by the canoe. Wendy 

An electrical shock wave rising from a root chakra "Rising Kundalini" going up to the base of my head and continuous waves from the base of the spine going up. And after a while I felt also my energy start flowing not just up the spine but also down from the crown of the head across the front of the body to the feet. Especially my heart chakra began to fill up and pulsate and expand and at same time around the navel pulsation and expansion and at the end energy flowing to my hands down from the upper arms to the palms vibrating from the center of the palms to the tip of the fingers in expanding layers. Heart-navel-palms-forehead-shooting to fill in the space around me with vibrations, light, yellow, gold, white, and red. Adam 

Near Death Experiences - N. D. E.

Just like a near death experience, but without the full body cast!
I recently enjoyed my third experience with the DreamWeaver. In my life so far, I have experienced many different healing and transformational modalities. I have done yoga, sweat lodges, drumming, and chanting. As a healer myself, I work with MariEl, reiki, crystals, neuro-linguistic programming, aromatherapy, herbs, reflexology, and massage.
After my most recent DreamWeaver session, I was enveloped in a blanket of Love and Peaceful Bliss. There was only one time in my life when I experienced a similar feeling and that was many years ago upon breaking my neck and being in the Light of a near death experience. In my case, I was dead and was surrounded by Angels and guides who explained to me that I was now given the choice of continuing up the Light channel or going back into my old body. They also showed me glimpses of my probable future and scenes that I was here to fulfil. Needless to say, I chose to continue in body and upon re-entering was filled with the same feeling of Peace and Comfort and Bliss that I experienced again with the DreamWeaver. I invite others to do the same.
So Benedick, how about this for a marketing by-line:
Just like a near death experience, but without the full body cast! David Warr Corporate Executive.

Twenty-two years ago I went through a near - death experience which was peace, love and light. This experience I liken to my near - death experience. Karen 

When I went to the light in a near death experience after a car accident I had such a wonderful feeling that is impossible to really describe - you had to be there - and I got the same feeling, the same experience of wellbeing, of being, in touch with all that is; the light, the colors, the sounds and the love. Melissa 

I died on the operating table and watched my body as I floated out of the room. I was surrounded by angels and warm white light. I felt that I was going home and I have longed for that feeling since. I just experienced it again. Karl 

I had forgotten how exquisite it could be. The love everywhere, sense of at onement, the gentle welcoming. Floating up into golden light. What a remembrance. Randy 

Out Of Body Experience - O. O. B.

Modern technology and ancient wisdom melded together - physically present and grounded while dancing in spirit - and the incredible power of your toning ... The session gave me clarity and growth in an atmosphere of joy! I wish I could describe the delicious slippery sliding out of my body, but words elude me! Lucy 

Pure light and sound! I went in feeling tired, returned feeling energized, light, and joyful-experience was floating and laughing. I had to keep myself from giggling. I loved it so much! I began to swim with the dolphins in pure joy and bliss. I laughed and played with them swimming through geometric shapes. Oh what a joy and lift! I would recommend this to any one. I felt like a playful child. Loren 

In the shape I immediately felt like releasing and awakening. At first I was almost hovering and angels were over me hovering and taking my hands and lifting me up. The two angels were embracing me without holding me. Ahh! Bibi 

Colors - waves of colors - a turning solid - iridescent, bubble like in color - changing from solid to spiral. Waves of sound, my body becoming the wave. Recognition of it, I KNEW it. Familiar and new at the same time. Deep, deep peace, deep sense of at-oneness, more! Hands wanted to hold it out, play with it like a toy, but it didn't last long enough. Purple light inside me - scent, sound, waves touching every part. I am in awe. It will become part of my healing work, the center of my labyrinth garden. More! Mindy 

I am walking on a savanna in Kenya and only soft motion of breeze. Slowly, one by one, lions appear from the grasses, all moving as if in a procession with me, in silence and gentleness, then one rolls over and I roll over with it as cats at play - then disappear. 
Now elephants move toward me. One caught me in a swaying motion. There is no fear, only the elephant and movement, swinging me gently side to side - then millions of flamingos against a red sunset sky, and I return. Gloria 

WOW! When I allowed myself to let go and search with my heart, the vision I experienced was the birth of myself from the center of the earth. I saw the earth and the split in the middle. Out from the brilliant white light I flew forth with all the love from the center of our beings. Kathy 

As the music began, the sound of the whales filled my soul. It ran through every cell of the body. I could feel the pressure of my brother whale slide against my right side. I felt connected to all that is. The tears flowed in remembering my lost connection with the force of life, god, and my angel friends. I felt like I was in very deep water. As the chanting music began a circle of angels surrounded me. Another group of angels came creating another circle. This group put their backs to the other angels. I was covered with a blanket. My feet were tucked in and I could feel someone holding my feet. At the end, Ben said no one was holding my feet and no one was in the room during the chanting music. I felt stable. I slept very well that evening. The stability was still there in the morning. I have a deep urge to listen to more whale sounds. This experience is what I have been searching for since I came to this planet. I highly recommend his work to walk-ins as a fine tune alignment of spirit and body. Meira 

Quite an experience! It was like I died and went to heaven! Complete peace and a trip back in time to the beginning of the universe - during that time I sensed the angels put me into a chamber where my DNA could be rearranged as it was "in the beginning". I could only equate this with being like a cake baked in an oven as the "dough" changes with the temperature. A strong cinnamon smell pervaded and I sensed extreme heat from my gut being touched. Debra 

Dancing in front of a fire in an ancient tribe - we were all there from the group with masks but I looked - could see the true faces of people - continuing to dance. Then I laid down on something and a medicine man was there and he put hands on my lower abdomen area, then opened it up and took out a baby, then smaller babies, then things just came up out in the air. Then he put a powder in an area and waved his hand - a red fire burned there - then each chakra burned in its own color, then all turned to white lotus blossoms, then back - dancing sometimes out into the darkness, the water, the sky, then back to the fire. I could then easily sway in the music, feel it twirl and spin in and through and around me. I could feel the energy in my head and shoulders as I danced. It twirled my head in patterns - I was one in it and the energy. Letting go, being one in the moment in the wind in the spiraling spirit energies. What a wonderful experience. Thank you for facilitating healing! Lynette 

My wholeness was moving toward a separation -t hen as the pulsation of music was penetrating my head and my body felt the contraction of the exterior body as though I was being pushed through to a new place - would call it a new dimension (no a more new dimension, I will sleep on this & know more. Marion 

When I was in the center I felt like I was spinning on a Ferris wheel around and around, slowly going upwards. Then it felt like I was like a balloon floating upwards through every part of my body until I was out of it. When it ended I started to come down like a feather until I hit the ground & then I felt like a rock unable to move. Mary 

Light in my chest grew bigger and bigger... lots of warmth in chest. Walking on right side was Jesus talking to me , on left side angel .. walking on a stone path - felt as if I were on "the right track"... sheep in field... Jesus let go of hand and waved good bye - angels on both sides took my hands and I flew in to the sky - then towards shore - danced when I landed - the end. Betty 

I felt gasses around me then light at each point (white). Then the light came through the gas all of it at many angles. Then I felt like an atom with only one electron surging and receiving hundreds of colors of the light spectrum. Some very interesting shapes in the lights. Axil 

I felt totally relaxed, safe. Ensconced within dimensions. Images of myself as another "being", fairy - like, that I connect with a lot. I traveled within energy and lights. Colors propagating outward. Love. Senses. Internal and external bodies were peaked. Sally 

The waters sparkled and my soul danced. My wings spread from my gown to create wings and I soared to great heights. My destiny was revealed. Little Bear 


While waiting for the music track to begin I was very awarg of the energy of the dodecahedron - a pleasant moving outward, transcending ordinary consciousness. As the music began, I felt some deep grief come up. I moved through it very quickly by staying with the transcendent energy from the shape, then felt energized and en-joyed by it. Alice 

Siting in the structure I was aware of the tensions in my neck loosening. Then the energy shifted and I took a deep breath and I was spiraling, my body slowly moving into aligning and rotating. I felt peaceful and balanced from all directions. I still do. Kevin 

To be encompassed by the sound moving all around and through me was an experience I don't have the vocabulary to describe. Every tone and timbre, every articulation was felt differently. I didn't want to move, I just wanted to continue the experience. It also seemed like the Dodecahedron held the vibrations of the music, so that even after it stopped, the frame reverberated with the sound long afterwards. I didn't want to leave. Ray 

I felt like the music was breathing for me! And the energy was truly a loving entity in the structure. But most of all, the experience was very healing and cleansing of all the shame and loss and sadness I've felt in recent months. Very emotionally healing. I can feel very happy now. Susan 

As a Cherokee Medicine Man and Healer, I found the experience to be extremely significant for me. I was able to reach inside myself and finally allow an integration and balance to occur as never before. The combination of music and the acoustical vibrational energy took me to the white light and to higher levels for learning and healing than I have experienced before. I am looking forward to working with the system on a very in-depth level for the good of many more people. Continue your track on the path of the Great Spirit, Wankan Tonka. Cold Wind Wolf

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