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by Benedick Howard

At any level of stress the body's muscles, organs and bones become tense from physical, mental or emotional trauma. This armoring tenses the body to guard and to protect itself. For example when a foot is hurt, the person limps. This compensation is reflected throughout the body systems. Not only are the muscles and bones affected, but also the organs, meridians and thought patterns, emotional body and one's relationship to the spiritual bodies. The stress and disease within the body interrupts the natural energy flow patterns.  
One of the energy patterns around the body is in the shape of a torus - or donut - with the energy flowing through the body and looping around to connect in at the feet and the head. It is as though we are in the middle position of the donut. The flow in through the head and feet is bidirectional. In other words it flows like the tides one way and then the next. In the matrix of this flow are the wave and particle relationships that structure and govern the nurturing "cosmic" energy from which we are crystallized. And from these relationships the geometries are spun; the energy centers of the chakra systems of the body of which there are hundreds if not billions. Each cell within the body is resonating a specific chakra song. This torus / donut energy field concept is paramount to DreamWeaving facilitation. By lightly touching the head or feet we can bring harmony very easily through these portals to the body - the major entry / exit positions of this bi-directional flow. I say bidirectional because we need to think beyond the linear esoteric traditions. We have been taught that the left side of the body is receiving and the right giving and that in the traditional sense is true. However in the sound induced excited state of the body and as we as individuals "ascend" within these physical body membranes our flow patterns change and evolve. Thus in a particular dimension as we sit there and observe we would see the energy flowing in a particular direction, but siting in the dodecahedron the energy pulses spinning one way and then the other. The reason for this is that everything that is living is in change. And the dodecahedron shape energetically corresponds to Gaia and Prana. The more that we pulse with life there is more change freedom available. The quantum mechanics by which this is manifest is that every thing is in balance. In a particular dimension the flow is in a particular direction of a particular pattern associated with it. In the next dimension the flow is in the opposite direction. We know this from electrical current. According to Faraday's Law of electromotive force the flow of the voltage is accompanied by reactions at right angles to the direction of the flow. And in turn there are balancing flow at right angles to these components. And so on into the other dimensions.  

This is a very linear concept of the energy as wave in flow states. I now introduce the concept of geometry to this picture and this will help illustrate why we are using the dodecahedron frame. The geometry is intimately superimposed upon the wave form and visa versa. In the torus of energy around our bodies it is the geometry that materializes form out of the flow, thought out of our thinking and feelings out of our emotions and ecstatic experiences out of the spiritual. The geometry acts as building blocks from the highest dimension to the smallest to a point where the smallest wraps around into the highest. This manifestation through geometry is the principle through which the DreamWeaver operates. The geometry is like a glue that juggles the waves of the wave form into manifesting permutations. Complicated yes immensely mind boggling complicated. But from simple building block of ideas I will illustrate how this manifests in all dimensions. 

In a holographic universe we know that if we observe any position then we can see the whole. On certain days when we look at the clouds we see certain recognizable patterns or shapes. In the eddy and flow of the air currents we see patterns that are identical to patterns in water and patterns in solidified rock, ice or matter. We take this images for granted mostly. But we have forgotten the higher picture that is being painted. In our bodies there are tissues and organs that look like some of the images that we see in air and water. The wispy mare's tail clouds, or the spray off the crest of a wave are like the capillary system, or the ganglia of the nerve endings. In the blast of an atom bomb the mushroom cloud is shaped like the brain stem and brain, and the same can be produced in water by injecting colored inks. In these situations we have two energy movements in opposite directions that are creating these patterns - a variation on Faraday's Law - large air masses moving towards one another, fluids doing the same or in the various life forms that abound this planet as they develop somehow these patterns are created in living substances. 

The answer lies outside ourselves. Our educational systems by their very nature teach from the perspective of inside looking out. This denial of the outer realms creating the inner in all of the teachings with the exception of some recent viewpoints which in the main are outside the traditional educational system. A Course in Miracles is one such example and the related psychological counseling techniques that have come from an empowering the client perspective to create the atmosphere for them to realize their own power and their interconnection to the universal. 
We need to understand this working with the DreamWeaver because the wave particle relationship of the vibroacoustics and the sacred geometry elicit changes both from the inner and from the outer perspective simultaneously. The degree that this is done with the DreamWeaver is intense. We are affecting changes throughout the living organism. Not only the cellular memory but in all the body systems to the energy fields within the torus / donut we were talking about earlier. My research indicates we are going far deeper than the cellular, we are going all the way to the atomic and the subatomic - the atomic memory. An atomic reactor as it was meant to be! 
When we are in harmony with the universe we have an incredible peace and tranquillity within our hearts and body our lives flow. When we are not in this space we feel disconnected, out of sorts, unbalanced, irritable and unfocused. Our lives become a mess.


The body remembers all of life's experiences whether it be emotional, mental or physical. Subconsciously these memories are illustrated in the body language, voice patterns and thought processes. The opposite of this is true as well. Our thoughts, feelings and environment all effect our well being. Thus from this perspective the injured foot is a result of the distorted thought patterns. And the thought patterns all relate to different emotional conditions that resonate to different parts of the body. The injured foot in this picture represents a reluctance to move forward in one's environment or life. An injured hand the inability to give and receive. The DreamWeaver has the unique design that nurtures all of the body, mind emotions and spirit at the same time. The vibrational music effects more within the lower bodies the frame the higher bodies. The frame tends to heighten the feeling and the spiritual bodies. Thus the frame has a crucial role to play. For as the energy is packed and unpacked and brought into more stable conditions this in turn effects the "lower" bodies - the mind and physical. 

The DreamWeaver utilizes vibrational patterns of sound as mandalas to bring coherence and laminar flow to parts of the body that are energetically blocked or stressed. The science of this wave to form interaction process is known as Cymatics.  
Thus in the flowing state we are in resonance and the energy flows within and around the body are laminar and coherent. In the discordant blocked state the energy flow is non-laminar and in dissonance. How a person is coping is reflected in all of their body systems. This flow of the body's energy can be seen from the person's body language, voice patterns, thought patterns, emotional patterns and spiritual practices. Thus a strong rhythmic bass line will help to break up the blockages and allow the energy to flow with laminar coherence. In other words the blockages are massaged and soothed by the sound to dearmor the old tension. This stress reduction may manifest in the client's response in a variety of ways.  
The most common physical and emotional reactions are a deeply relaxed state and there may be some crying, laughing, stretching, and coughing. Which in the extreme may be screaming, sobbing, or anxiety as the old trauma is brought to the surface. Most often the person will be encouraged to talk about their experiences. Special attention needs be focused on the client who is either highly stressed or physically overweight, or who has immune problems, or who is mentally/emotionally unstable. 


We have an ongoing research being conducted - see colored graphs. Preliminary results show that the clients observe very little drop off after the session. And over the days weeks and months after the session the body still is in process. The figures given next should be viewed with caution. They represent one time sessions of a group of thirty clients. They are averages and each person varies substantially. For instance the "best" stress reduction was 500% (two clients), the least reduction was 10% (one client), over a third of the group reported at least a 50% reduction in their stress levels. 
On average for the group however: stress is reduced by 40%, the focus is increased by 20% (a greater awareness, and less actual to the point focus), self worth is increased by 15%, physical pain reduced by 12%, emotional pain reduced by 20%, life becomes more manageable by 20%, sensitivity to the environment is decreased by 25%. This is the magic of the DreamWeaver, and the secret to this type of success lies in the session protocol. Variation in these figures will occur from demographics, facilitation proficiency and therapist / client relationship, degree of unbalance in the body in the first place - the worse the condition the more dramatic the result, post session follow up and follow up sessions, the level of intent of the individual, and such things as the alignment of the moon and planets will undoubtedly influence the outcome. I have deliberately chosen moon and eclipse phases with dramatic results - especially during the eclipses. 
A lot of what makes a good facilitator is his awareness of the client's verbal and nonverbal language. 

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