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November 2000
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From the cover of Hans Jenny's book Cymatics 2


C y m a t i c s

Highlights of a meeting with Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners
and Benedick Howard

on how audible sound is being used to break up discordant tissue (tumors, calcified joints, internal bruises and more) within the body
- the story behind the research -

I met Sir Peter last month (Summer 1997) in Florida. A friend Louise has been tracking his planned visit since January. When Louise called in June I knew it was time to connect with the inventor of the Cymatics Applicator.
I spent many hours with Sir Peter sharing information and research. He is a great story teller and when he saw a photograph of the DreamWeaver he gave me a long detailed account of his time studying with a German surgeon for two years right after the 2nd World War. Sir Peter had just graduated with his MD and knew that he needed to go to Germany to study the work that had been done in the concentration camps.
He traveled to Germany and through a series of synchronicities contacted one of the surgeons and announced to him that he was there to study with him. After much grilling from the surgeon took Sir Peter under his wing so to speak, and for two years taught him all that they had discovered. I will skip the details and you as the reader can fill in the lines, but some of the stories that Sir Peter told me are more confirmations informing me that the DreamWeaver is on the right track.
One of the stories was that the surgeon was experimenting to activate the psychic faculties of the individual. I smiled to myself, because that is exactly what happens with the DreamWeaver in a totally non-invasive manner without surgery or technology. If they had just watched how the forms worked of themselves - well that's another story! Sir Peter then told me about some of the experiments the surgeon was associated with where they used different sacred geometric forms around the subject and projected different electromagnetic radiation in order to awaken the higher centers of the body. The surgeon's motivation to sharing his information with Sir Peter was that he felt that Sir Peter would be using the information for the betterment of humankind. He would say "If you save just one life from the information you have learnt, then we haven't wasted any time".
In between these stories Sir Peter was called into an adjoining room where he was seeing patients. He invited me into witness the work and he was training a couple of facilitators. The Cymatic Applicator is shaped like a phone with out the mouthpiece and is connected by a cord to a box that contains the micro-circuit that generates the frequencies. He told me that the research had shown that if for example the frequency of the lungs was 200 Hz or cycle per second then the way to restore the tissue to a healthy state was to broadcast at two frequencies above and two frequencies below, i.e. 198, 199, 200, 201, and 202 Hz. The frequencies have been established my measuring the natural resonant frequency of the many tissues in the body. These frequencies have been measured in the healthy and diseased state. Although the process may be used for any blockage in the body - tumor, calcification, or internal bruising for example, the applicator may also be used for viral infections, bacteria and diseases of the blood.
It was interesting watching Sir Peter at work on his patients. His ability to use the Cymatics Applicator to break up an internal bruise and then afterwards being able to feel the changes, or to watch him testing the spine and say this one was fractured or that one has a hairline crack that has healed. Then instructing his assistants to apply the sound (it sounds like a space age toy), we left them to do their work and to share stories. Later we were called back in Sir Peter felt up and down the spine commenting on the changes and feeling around the joint he quickly adjusted it with a loud pop a previously calcified vertebrae released.
There was a woman who had come in with a large tumor in her breast, she reported that it had split into two or more pieces after the first session and by the third a few days later she mentioned with a big smile on her face that the lumps were much smaller and being re absorbed into the body. Such is the magic of the Cymatic Applicator!
A colleague recently lent me the complete set of booklets that Sir Peter has published out of their research trust in England. There is so much information in these I am not sure how to begin, except that some of them are not easy reading and require a background in Anthroposophy. However, I will give you a random taste and the name of his Medical Trust at the end of this article if you want more information. Here are a couple of examples:

"The principles and Practice of Cymatic Therapy" including sections on:-

  • The Secret Nature of Sound and Vibration

  • The Shifting Fabric of Vibration:

  • Sound Life's Integrating Phenomenon

"Cymatics" -the structure and dynamics of waves and vibrations - from Hans Jenny's book "Cymatics 2"

  • Problems of Cymatics

  • Experimental Method

  • The Tonoscope

  • The Action of Vibration on Lycopodium Powder

  • Periodic Phenomena without an actual vibrational field

  • Sound Effects in Space Spatial Sonorous Patterns

  • The Spectrum of Cymatics

  • The Basic Triadic Phenomenon

There are other booklets on Music Therapy, Aspects of the Healing Spectrum, Cosmic Influences on Human Behavior, Another Way, another Direction, Cymatics and Its Integrating Phenomena, Cymatics in Relation to the Meridian System, Press Information, The Spirit of Medicine: Uniting Science and Art, Effects of Electromagnetic and Cymatic Energy on the Nervous System, The Emergence of New Age Medicine, Healing and Regeneration through Music, A Wave of the Future and Homeopathy.

These titles are available through:
Dr. Sir Peter Guy Manners, M.D., D.O., L.B.C.P., Ph.D., F.I.C.T.M., D.D. M.H.M.A.
Brentforton Scientific and Medical trust
Bretforton Hall
Vale of Evesharm, Worcs., England WR11 7JH
Call 01386 830537 or fax 01386 830918

Please mention this site when ordering.

Sir Peter's web site

Authors note: I am so impressed by his work and found it all so confirming. I and many facilitators have been seeing and have been reporting similar results with the DreamWeaver. Although we do not treat the body with specific frequencies as with the Cymatic Applicator, we repeatedly see the effect on the meridian systems, the blood, the lymphatic and nervous systems. I have even seen leg bones straighten! However, the medical approach to healing has not been our main focus (as of yet), rather we have used the vibroacoustic environment of the DreamWeaver as a tool to balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. That is where the sacred geometry has a very deep entrainment capacity on the body's system and the sound is broadcast throughout the body rather than specifically being applied to the affected area.

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