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DreamWeaver Certification Report
by Karen Tretick January 23, 1998 

About Karen Tretick: 

I am the Director and owner of CareFree Wellness Center in Germantown, Maryland.  I am also an ordained Minister of Spiritual Science, certified Spiritual Healer, Reiki Master Teacher, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, certified HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Past Life Regression Therapist, nationally certified Massage Therapist (specializing in Lomilomi Hawaiian Bodywork) and Reflexologist, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming*, Christopher Method Magnetic Healing Practitioner, certified Auricular Therapist (Ear Candling), and certified DreamWeaver* Facilitator. 

I am a healing guide and minister with the National Spiritual Science Center in Washington, D.C.  As well as the above-mentioned modalities, I offer spiritual counseling, and channel articles for the InSpirit and Blithe Spirit newsletters.  I also conduct Reiki classes and various workshops and wellness previews in the metropolitan Washington, D.C. area. 

About CareFree Wellness Center 

CareFree Wellness Center ("CareFree") offers a multi-dimensional approach to healing and wellness utilizing various physical treatments, subtle energetic therapies, counseling modalities, vibro-acoustic therapy, auricular therapy, magnetic and far infrared technologies, aromatherapies and alkaline Micro Water. 

Our philosophy regarding the recurrence of disease following any type of healing is that deeper issues are at work in the individual's fields of consciousness and subtle energy bodies - issues which still need to be addressed.  Many times the most powerful and lasting form of healing is achieved with a combination of several modalities. 

DreamWeaver Vibroacoustic Therapy is a very powerful way to access and release the deeper issues that are buried within the individual's fields of consciousness.  Combined with other modalities, such as energy balancing/healing, hypnotic suggestions, Neuro-Linguistic Programming ("NLP") techniques, magnetic therapy, far infrared technology, aromatherapy and Micro Water, the client's ability to process and release these issues at an accelerated rate, in a safe and protected environment, is greatly enhanced. 

DreamWeaver Vibroacoustic Therapy has become an essential component in the healing process for many of CareFree's clients, as well as an integral part in my personal healing journey.  Everyone benefits from DreamWeaver sessions, and I see many cases wherein the benefits are almost instantaneous and very powerful after the first session. 

Karen Tretick's Personal DreamWeaver Experience: 

Using the DreamWeaver in varied settings and for diverse reasons, I have found a range of short and long term benefits.  My first experience with the DreamWeaver was in an expo setting.  I had been working at the expo and was on my feet all day.  I was very tired and, particularly, my feet registered a burning sensation.  There were many people milling about, which created both noise and distraction.  I had a five-minute session with the DreamWeaver.  Quickly leaving the expo experience behind, I moved into an altered state of consciousness.  Five minutes later, I felt like I had just awakened from a rejuvenating night's sleep, and all of my discomfort was gone - including the burning sensation in my feet.  I also noticed that, for the next two days, everything I ate literally exploded with incredible flavor.  All foods danced on my tongue, creating a sizzling cacophony of ecstasy in my mouth. 

Two and a half weeks later, I had my own DreamWeaver. 

Over the next month or so, I found myself going through a great deal of emotional upheaval.  At first, I did not understand what was happening.  After speaking with other DreamWeaver owners, I discovered that they had experienced, or were still experiencing, the same phenomena.  The sacred form of the dodecahedron was realigning the quantum field energy within my home and in and around us.  It was bringing to the surface situations and feelings that had been buried rather than released.  Often, these were issues that I believed had been worked through and laid to rest.  With these old negative energies resurfacing, we were forced to reexamine the issues, acknowledge the emotions and then truly release them. 

Shortly after receiving my DreamWeaver I became physically ill. I was greatly lacking in critical energy and suffered extreme discomfort throughout my body.  I covered myself with magnets, which made the illness a little easier to bear.  I decided to lay in the DreamWeaver with the intention to heal, and I also decided to keep my magnets on, as I was so uncomfortable.  I put on Shaina Noll's "Music for the Inner Child" and began the session as my own facilitator.  Within 15 minutes or so, I was so agitated that I could not remain in the DreamWeaver. The magnets I was wearing had a sheathing of metal on them.  I do not know if the metal interfered with the energy flow to the point that it caused this agitation, or if this was a purging process.  As a Reiki Master, I am aware that it is sometimes necessary to go through a purging process as you raise your level of vibration.  That which is of a lower vibration can no longer exist within your being and must be flushed out.  I remained ill for about a week, and I did not use the DreamWeaver again during that time. 

During an acutely powerful DreamWeaver session, I found myself in the ocean, struggling to keep my head above water.  I was thinking, "I am in the DreamWeaver.  I should be floating lazily on the water in peace and tranquillity but, instead, I am really struggling, and this is too hard.  I do not want to struggle anymore.  I am just going to have to let go and drown."  I did let go, but I did not drown.  I floated down into the ocean and gazed around, exploring the beautiful underwater ocean scenes.  I noticed the vividly colored marine life and was acutely aware of the balance and harmony that existed in this underwater realm. I was very relaxed and no longer struggling. 

As a healing guide, I counsel clients on the importance of living in the moment - focusing on now.  The negative past is harmful only when you empower it with your thought.  The future is created by the thoughts you are having NOW.  So the only thing that really matters is this moment.  The past is over, and your positive focus on today creates a powerful and positive tomorrow.  So I was quite surprised when this particularly vivid issue came up for me.  What is so easy to see in others, I was blind to with regard to myself. 

I realized that I spent a portion of each day struggling to "keep my head above water" as I focused on all of the things I still had to accomplish.  The truth of the matter is, as I focus on what I am doing, I can put my "all" into that duty or accomplishment.  I can complete the project more quickly and efficiently as I give the task my full attention.  Then I can move on to the next circumstance with satisfaction in my heart.  Ultimately, I can save time and accomplish more, while being more relaxed in the moment.  What a relief! 

I had a session facilitated by Benedick Howard and found it to be very powerful and beneficial.  My intention was to feel secure in my decision to leave my well-paying day job of almost eleven years to do my healing work full time.  There was that niggle of self-doubt that made it difficult for me to create positively.  Ben used NLP techniques (my personal favorite), and I was able to release the negative influence of three particular incidents in my life that were largely responsible for that self-doubt.  I was also able to release an uncomfortable physical response in the solar plexus area.  It was a tightening - a hardening - in that area.  That physical armoring was actually the strongest negative response that I carried, and it was quite a relief to let go of it. 

Ultimately, I realized that treating my own sessions more as I would treat a client session gave me the best results.  I do the color test and answer the questions.  I plan out my music and aromas in advance.  I plan my breaks, and I fill in the facilitator form with my impressions as I go along.  Obviously, I have to changed my state of consciousness when I go from client to facilitator.  I am well-practiced at it, though, and the benefits are well worth it. 

DreamWeaver Introductory Sessions 

I discovered that using eye covering for the introductory sessions is very powerful.  An altered state is achieved very quickly, and the benefits derived from this short session are much more powerful.  Before I used the eye covering, comments regarding the introductory sessions often ranged from "Interesting," to "Pretty cool."  After I began using the eye covering, comments ranged from "I don't know where I went but it was incredible," to "It's like a full-blown drug experience without the drugs!"  (Interestingly, most of those who made the drug comments tended to be people who had never had any type of drug experience before.) Naturally, I use eye covering for full sessions as well. 

I have done a great many introductory sessions (well over 100 at the time of this writing).  Only two of those sessions (both on the same day!) resulted in powerful releases with heavy downpours of tears. Obviously, I was not expecting this strong reaction from a introductory session, but I helped these clients work through their releases as comfortably and quickly as possible.  Both came back for full sessions. 

The "First" Session 

I found that I get the best results when using the same format for each new client's first session.  Whatever the client's reason for being there, whatever the client's intention may be, the format for the first session remains fairly consistent. 

I have the client create a vision of the desired achievement. If the intention is to be healthy, I ask the client to create the vision of wholeness, perfect health and really delicious feelings.  I ask the client to feel the power of this vision and to notice the feeling of alignment with the universal energy and their power source.  I tell the client to move into this vision and begin to live it.  Feel the power of it.  Feel the control it offers.  I suggest that the client allow these feelings and images to move into every cell of their being, for each cell is pure consciousness.  The client programs this powerful state into each cell and begins to create a new body/mind/spirit consciousness.  After this phase, we discuss what has occurred. Naturally, the client tends to feel very powerful and confident, at this point. 

Then we move into the second phase.  Using "Songs for the Inner Child" tracks one and five, I suggest that they go back into the past (while in this place of power) and forgive, release and let go of anything that is less than perfectly harmonious with their intention to do or be whatever it is that they want.  I usually state this in one form or another at least three times.  Upon completion of this phase, the client often has a "new" perspective on past issues.  This is the most critical first step in change for anyone.  When you begin to view the past differently, you begin to act differently.  The client now has more choices.  When you have more choices, you stop to think about your options.  When you think first, you "act" rather than "react." 

The third phase is a building process.  In essence, the client has cleared out the old and created a vacuum, a space.  Now it is time to fill that space with everything that is desired.  The client is "turned loose" into the imagination to create in a joyful, powerful and glorious way.  They now begin to point their minds in a new direction, and positive life changes are a beneficial result. 

Connecting To The Pure Positive Energy Stream 

I have become so aligned to the pure positive energy stream that I am seldom in a place that I need to "pull myself out of."  It used to be necessary to make a conscious effort to align myself to this positive stream of energy.  After a number of DreamWeaver* sessions with this as my intention, that state of consciousness is never more than one thought away.  This is truly my purpose for being here - to teach people how to connect and remain connected to this stream.  For when you are connected to this stream of consciousness, you are connected to the power that creates worlds, universes and galaxies.  And you become the true co-creator that you were meant to be.  The DreamWeaver* is a most powerful tool that aids one in making that connection, and anything you do over and over again ultimately becomes a habit. 

Subject MM wanted to connect to this pure positive energy stream so that he could receive guidance from his Higher Self - from his God Source.  Half way through the session, MM realized he was connected and receiving information.  MM also realized that when he received this information, he immediately began to doubt it.  Thus, his doubt disconnected him from the energy stream.  So we changed MM's intention to "trusting his inner guidance."  The key really was in recognizing that he was disconnecting due to lack of trust when he received the information.  Thus, MM was able to reconnect easily and act on the information received. 

Subject BP was so disconnected from her source that she was in a very negative place.  In fact, she was so negative that it had become a normal state of being.  Her attitude was that she was very positive considering the fact that she was very unhappy and her life was totally out of her control.  Negativity can become so normal that people do not realize they are in such a state. 

During BP's third session, she declared her independence from her father's influence.  She was definitely on the right track.  BP assumed, though, that understanding what she needed to do to remain connected was the completion of the healing process.  Thus, BP felt there was no further progress to be gained from the sessions and planned to end her therapy.  I offered a clarification that there were progressive steps between "knowing" and "doing" (creating a new habit). I noted that it was important to go from that state of "knowing" to actually "doing." 

I explained that when the Colonies declared their independence from England, just "knowing" they chose freedom was not enough.  They had to act upon their decision.  This resulted in some battles, and from their powerful victories, our freedom emerged.  I asked, "What do you think your reaction will be the next time your father responds to you in a negative manner?"  BP admitted that she might fall back into the old "habitual" reactive state.  I explained that with reinforcement sessions, she would begin to create a new habit, and begin to react differently than she had in the past.  Thus, BP agreed to continue the sessions for a while longer, ensuring her newly declared independence. 

Throughout the course of about ten sessions, BP has learned to be connected to the pure positive energy stream.  So now when she does become negative, it feels so awful that she quickly recognizes that she has disconnected and usually reconnects by redirecting her thoughts.  It is no longer normal to be negative, and the habit to find a "better feeling place" is changing her life completely. 

Improvement In School Performance 

Subject AP is BP's daughter.  AP was also very effected by this disconnected negative state.  In her negative state, AP was looking for escape.  Since school is a primary function of a teen's life, she often escaped from school work, homework and even class.  (This state was a "learned" state from BP, who was often "putting off" her work because she was in a disconnected state.)  After only two sessions, AP reconnected to her personal power.  AP realized that she wanted to do well in school, and also realized that her past performance was not indicative of her level of intelligence.  AP sought out tutoring help with some of her teachers, and improvement in her school performance was almost immediate. 

I noticed a relationship between BP's attitude and AP's school accomplishments.  There are times when BP's old reactive habits kick in, and they tend to coincide with less than positive results in AP's school work and performance. 

As BP is now modeling more positive behavior, further guidance for AP can be "learned" from BP.  Thus, further sessions for AP are not deemed essential.  Reinforcing positive habits in BP is more beneficial for AP at this time. 

Subject AM was the product of a very negative environment.  He chose to escape through sleep.  Thus, homework often did not get completed.  He was even late for school or missed school altogether because he did not wake up in time. Because AM was responding to the negativity that occurred daily between his parents, the work we did together only helped to reduce some of the stress that accumulated during the week.  There was no improvement in school during the short time we worked together. 

AM's mother explained that both parents totally disliked each other - and had for years - but they still lived together and neither parent did anything to change the situation.  Father reacted very negatively to mother and AM.  AM, who was 14-years old at this time, was not allowed to interact with other kids outside of school.  His mother felt that homework and chores were enough to occupy his time.  She did not want him exposed to the dangers of "the Mall" and other people's prejudices.  AM chose escape through sleep as a major survival technique.  This was also one of the few experiences of control he had in his life. 

AM came three times, after which his mother ended the sessions due to financial concerns.  My offer to create a payment plan and continue the sessions was not accepted. 

Attention Deficit Disorder/Severe Back Pain 

Subject DW, diagnosed with hyperactivity, attention deficit disorder and chemical imbalance as a teenager, found as an adult that his symptoms diminished.  Yet he still found focus to be somewhat difficult at times.  DW also complained of severe back discomfort which caused him to miss a lot work.  After one session in the DreamWeaver*, DW indicated that his attention remained sharp throughout the week, and 85% of his back pain had disappeared.  After the second session, in which he did not take off all his metal jewelry (which was extensive), he did not notice much of an improvement in his focus, though his back discomfort was still at a minimum. 

During the second session, I did comment upon the fact that he had not removed his metal jewelry, which elicited a thought from him that, "This may not be as effective as before."  It is possible that his thought process negated some of the positive benefit he may have been capable of receiving.  It could indicate that the excessive amount of metal disturbed the flow of energy, thus, negating the positive benefit. It could also have been a combination of the two causes. 

DW did not come back for further sessions and, he still has back discomfort.  He has recently begun sleeping on a magnetic pad, which is offering significant relief and giving him a sound night's sleep. 

Feelings Of Abandonment 

Subject BT wanted to be able to trust in men again so that she could have a loving relationship.  Through the intake interview, we were able to discern her lack of trust stemmed from her feelings of abandonment as a child by her father.  Her father did not physically abandon her, yet he became very distant while she was still young. Using NLP techniques, BT was able to work through these issues with her father.  She even received intuitive information regarding her future husband and knew that she would be meeting him before she turned 50 years old.  She was 48 at the time of this session.  BT could see him quite clearly and saw his interactions with her children and grandchild as well.  She ended the session in a very positive and upbeat manner, with tangible memories to fuel the creation process and attract this relationship. 


Subject RH came to me in an extremely stressed state.  Her stress was effecting her physical body, her job performance and her relationship.  RH felt at her wit's end.  She initially wanted to get a massage in the hopes that it would reduce her stress.  I explained that the physical stress was a response to her emotional state.  If she were to only get a massage, she would be treating the symptom not the cause. So RH agreed to a massage and DreamWeaver session. 

Naturally, the massage did very little to improve her state of mind, though her body was more relaxed.  As we conducted the intake interview, it came out that she was extremely fearful of commitment.  RH had an absolutely wonderful relationship with an incredible man, and she was beginning to have panic attacks thinking about the possibility that he might want a commitment.  The subject of commitment had not even come up, and she actually did want to spend the rest of her life with him.  Yet, she was in a complete panic whenever she thought about the possibility of him wanting a commitment - and she thought about it a lot. 

Using the basic first session format, RH came to the realization that her family and childhood was not "cold and unloving" as she had remembered it.  She relived many childhood memories of a warm and caring family, which included a loving parental relationship.  This offered the comfort she needed to begin to "look forward to" a commitment with her significant other. 

After only one session, not only did she release her fear of commitment, but she also released her fear of water, which I had been totally unaware of during the session.  I saw RH once about five months after her session.  She is very happy with the results that are occurring in her life and comfortable in her relationship. 

Subject LD had an intense fear of flying, and she had the opportunity to go to Hawaii for a vacation. It was very difficult for her to make the decision to seek help because LD truly did not think she could be helped.  LD also knew a Hawaiian vacation would not be a consideration without release from her fear. 

LD did not always have a fear of flying.  During one flight a few years ago, she experienced some sudden and incredible turbulence.  The plane "dropped" unexpectedly, and the result was an immediate "learned" fear response. 

First, I worked with LD in an NLP session.  Then we followed it a few days later with two DreamWeaver sessions wherein we used further NLP techniques.  LD was able to fly to Hawaii in relative comfort.  As of this writing, she is flying to San Diego, California and next month she is flying to Hawaii again.  LD is very grateful to be back in charge of her emotional freedom. 

Grieving/Intense Pain Due To Stress 

Subject KW came to me for a massage as she was in severe pain. Her body was rock hard, and I barely made the slightest bit of progress with her.  During the first massage session, KW explained that her husband, sister and aunt had all passed away within the space of two months.  KW almost lost her house as well.  Her husband died out of state, and she had great difficulty obtaining a death certificate which was required by the insurance company and social security.  Ultimately, the difficulty regarding the death certificate was resolved, but KW had been unable to grieve due to the turmoil.  Her emotional pain was locked up in her body and manifested as intense pain in her neck, shoulders and back. 

At first KW was resistant to anything other than massage.  After about the 4th massage therapy session, she reluctantly agreed to a DreamWeaver session.  Many tears were shed.  There was some anger expressed as well.  On the whole, I felt the session went very well. Five days later, KW arrived for another massage.  Her body had soften so much that even I was amazed.  She felt almost no discomfort in the usual places, yet when I worked the gluts, calves and feet, it was most uncomfortable for her.  I explained to her that the discomfort had been in those areas as well, but she was so focused on her "worst" pain that it went unnoticed.  I felt this was indeed a very good sign. 

During KW's massage treatments, she had also been seeing a chiropractor.  She usually came for a massage first and then went to visit him.  KW's chiropractor was literally knocking himself out of alignment in an attempt to realign her because her muscles were so incredibly tight.  At one point, I recommended she have a DreamWeaver session before she went to see her doctor.  KW was dubious but agreed to comply with my suggestion. 

KW relayed that the doctor grabbed her leg to prepare to adjust her hips.  As soon as he put her leg in position, her hips fell into alignment without him having to adjust her!  Her chiropractor was amazed.  He asked what she had done.  KW was too embarrassed to admit to DreamWeaver therapy.  So she just said that she had a massage.  Her chiropractor told her to keep on doing whatever she was doing as it was saving him a visit to his doctor. 

KW also mentioned that she had gone out with friends she had not seen in a couple of months.  They remarked with sheer delight that she had changed so completely, and they absolutely loved the "new" KW. 

Note:  I figured if KW was too embarrassed to tell her chiropractor about the DreamWeaver, I would do it myself.  I am sending him our newsletter with a fact sheet about DreamWeaver Vibroacoustic Therapy.  I will follow it up with a call in the near future.  I expect this will be a new viable avenue for clients.  How delightful! 

DreamWeaver As A Therapy For Teens 

I believe that DreamWeaver sessions are a very powerful and beneficial therapy.  Teens enjoy these sessions because it is not a conventional "therapy."  Unfortunately, unless the parents are receiving sessions as well (or some other complementary therapy), the work being done with the teen is more of a Band-Aid (treating the symptom rather than the cause).  Unfortunately, teens do not have complete control over their lives.  So grand results may not be an immediate benefit, but I believe there are definite long term benefits to be had from this therapy. 

In many respects, teens are responding to their family and environment.  If those things do not change, we are not likely to see much of a change in the teen short term.  I do believe that the power of this work will still be an advantageous influence later in life when an environmental and/or familial change does occur (e.g., moving out on his or her own; going off to college, getting a job, etc.). 

Working With Family Members 

I found that when I worked with family members, there was a certain amount of resistance during the sessions.  I assume some of this resistance occurred because of privacy issues.  There were likely issues of "blame" and even "competitive" issues, as well.  Obviously, more benefit is likely derived, and it is certainly easier for all concerned, when people work with those whom they have little or no emotional attachment.  Yet, there are still advantages to be had, and this therapy should not be totally discounted because of close emotional connection - unless, of course, the client does not wish to work with a family member. 


Because many of the challenges in people's lives are due to deeper issues that are at work in the individual's fields of consciousness and subtle energy bodies, DreamWeaver is a powerful and viable therapy.  As I stated earlier, the most powerful and lasting form of healing is achieved with a combination of several modalities. DreamWeaver Vibroacoustic Therapy combines three powerful modalities, and each facilitator can bring additional modalities to the sessions, as per their expertise.  DreamWeaver Vibroacoustic Therapy is truly my first choice for guiding people to that place of healing and wellness. 

This article is copyrighted, all rights reserved. However, you may use in whole or partially provided that the thoughts, ideas, and or facts are not taken out of context and remain faithful to the meaning, intent and scope of the original. Proper credit must be given to the author. 


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