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November 2000
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Sound, Light, and Sacred Geometry 
by Benedick Howard 

The effects of Vibroacoustics and Sacred Geometry
on the Body, Mind and Spirit 

Edgar Cayce, the "Sleeping Prophet" claimed that sound would be the medicine of the future. The vibroacoustic uses of sound in the past decade have brought many verifiable scientific discoveries of the drug-free possibilities of sound as a powerful therapeutic tool and healing modality. Sound vibrated deeply through the body is used for a wide range of applications - from relief of chronic pain to expansion of creativity to elevating states of consciousness.  
Throughout history, the sounds in nature have evoked in man a wide variety of emotions- the chilling howl of a wolf in the forest, the soothing roar of the ocean, and the laughter of children playing. Traditional cultures have used drumming as a tool for sonically altering the body's response to the interconnected physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Sounds as rhythmic patterns of tones and chords, or music, throughou history have entrained man's consciousness to our cultures, from the ringing of a Tibetan bell to the soothing chakra balancing of Pacabel's Canon, to the very empowering lyrics of Phil Collins. Whatever the period in history, these highly ritualistic co mpositions have tuned man to his earth - bound culture and its inherent trials and tribulations, providing a release from the mundane, and insights into other possibilities. 


The Shaman shaking his rattle during a heali ng is a good example of the high-pitched rhythmic patterns used to loosen the associations with another world, or, contrastingly, the integrative effect of the peaceful, stress reducing passage from a new age composition during a massage.  

Sound is perceived in two ways: firstly, as an external source; such as someone talking to you, the TV, or the sound of a bubbling brook. Secondly; internally from the body organs, and especially the voice.  

The resonance properties of the diaphragm in the chest cavity bring depth to the voice - the throat, roof of the mouth, tongue and lips articulate sound. The way we think we perceive sound is through the ear. The way we feel we perceive sound is thro ugh the whole body. Until recently, most sound therapy was directed at the perception of sound through the ear. But recent developments in current medical thought through pioneers such as Deepak Chopra, M.D. are stressing the integration of the body a s a whole.  

In a relaxed state the energies in and around the body flow freely and smoothly. In stressed situations the energy flow is no longer coherent (smooth and laminar) and, starting with the emotional and mental bodies, the energy meridians become blocked. A yurvedic medicine refers to the crystallization around muscle fibers as muscle armoring. These crystallized patterns are the result of stress within the body, which in the main correspond to unresolved emotional conditions. Sound is a slower vibration o f light. There are exactly 44 octaves between middle C at 256 Hz (cycles per second) and the color of deep red at 4.6 x 10 to the power of 15 Hz.  

The colors of the chakras correspondingly have tonal aspects to them. Middle C (color red) corresponds to the root chakra, D (color orange) to the sex chakra and so on up the scale. In harmonious states, our chakras correspond (some of the time) to these equivalents. In non harmonious states these color/tone/chakra rela tionships are less stable. In states of denial and in addictions, the color/tone relationship is lost. This "offness" energetically locks the belief system into sets of denial. The universe then mirrors that set of beliefs to the person until they choo se to address the denial.  

The body may be thought of as being composed of many vibrational patterns working synergistically as a whole. Thus, long thigh bones have a longer resonance wavelength than a small bone in the finger. The larger muscle groups and organs have a deeper resonance than the smaller ones. Similarly, the blood system will have a lower resonance than the nervous system. Specific pieces of music naturally have the capacity to resonate these different groups. Thus, a strong rock rhythm with a rhythmic bass patt ern will vibrate the denser tissues, and in doing so help to loosen the crystallized patterns that have become entrained there. As these old beliefs are released, the pitch of that tissue will deepen and acoustically the whole body will vibrate to a lower note. In a highly stressed individual the body will have a higher pitch, and this in turn is reflected in their voice patterns and body language. A voice analysis of this person will display the lack of certain tones. The person may then be treated wi th music or tones predominantly composed of those tones which are lacking. 

Music, Geometry and Addictions 

Addiction is the distortion of the natural flow of desire. In the ebb and flow in nature there is no distortion or control to the smooth free flow of letting go. When we allow the flow of creativity; of the idea, the seed thought, the poem, the expr ession; speaking what we feel when we feel it, coming from our power, expressing our anger, there is no distortion. When we block the flow in our emotions, when we control the natural movement of energy in motion, when we hold back on expressing our fr ustration, then the natural ebb and flow of desire becomes blocked. This distortion leads to addiction through our denials and our control of desires and the way that the universe mirrors back to us what we are projecting. Thus the wave from the emotio n, the energy in motion, becomes particularized. In this case the particular shape, the block, is a cube.  
In Sacred Geometry these cubes are used to hold patterns. The North American Indian use the square in their ceremony to the four directions. 

The pyramids, used throughout history, preserve and hold patterns or beliefs. The cube grounds and roots. In our spoken and written language we use these phrases like "I feel blocked in my stomach" with a precision that represents the way things are at that chakra. The ebb and flow of the energy coming in and out of this point is no longer smooth and laminar. We may feel tight in that area. Emotionally something is bothering us, and the clarity of that issue is deluding us.  

In contrast, being present to our issues and the accompanying well-being geometrically is coherent flow of energy. When we are in this flow we geometrically magnetize synchronicities that forward our relationship with ourselves and the universe. These s ynchronicities mirror this information as sequences of colored geometries - light languages. There are geometric archetypes for each of the personality types. These can be seen in the aura. Thus an engineer will have a unique sequence, a musician another, a victim of sexual abuse yet another. 

There are resonant relationships in these sequences, between individuals and all living things; between the planets, sacred sites,even a passage of music, and our loved ones. In choosing our playmates in life, as in homeopathy, a law of similars applies: we attract people into our lives as archetypal sequences that resonate with us. This resonance will either evolve us or, in states of denial, produce deeper blocks. However, until we address our issues our denials mirror back to us a universe that controls our belief systems. Thus, addiction is the distortion of the geometries and frequencies associated with the natural flow. When desire flows freely it is one level of satisfaction after another - true bliss con sciousness of living in the now, in the moment, in gratitude and appreciation for all that is. 


The DreamWeaver 

As a culmination of over a decade of research I have created a healing environment called the DreamWeaver. 

This esoteric marriage of music and sacred geometry profoundly reprograms the body, mind, spirit interaction. T he magical combination produces deep relaxation and disolution of the blocks in the body, balances the brainwave patterns, and will produce a deep connection with spirit.. Your tensions melt, your chakras align and you move to new levels of awareness.  
Below is a description of the process:  

The sound environment combines music, and sacred geometry. The sum of the parts is much greater than the individual components. The vibrotactile response of the body is extraordinarily powerful -- you become the wave - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The effect on the quantum field facilitates a balanced space of greater well being.  

The understanding of the effect of sound as a healing modality is becoming a new science. The high intensity vibrotactile response of the body in a musical unified energy field environment is effective release from many conditions. Music is a powerful medium to assist the healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. This is always a profound experience as the wave/particle relationship of sound and the geometry of the environment sifts through the levels of the body's bodies. For many this is life changing.  

We are making these claims based on documentation of thousands of sessions:

Physical Body 
During the first 5 minutes the body is becoming entrained to the vibrations of the music. This also happens when you "lose" yourself in dance. This process is called bio-entrainment - you are responding to the music and the space around you. Unlike acupuncture, rolfing or shiatsu that pushes or pierces the area, the music gently vibrates the meridian energy to assume a natural flow. The relaxation is re-educating or reprogramming the tissues within the body. The dodecahedron frame assists by passively reinforcing your meridians to balance and entrain deeper. The space frame helps to reorganize the quantum field in and around you. 

Physical benefits are: 

    • Pain decreased 
    • Stress levels reduced 
    • Energy levels increased 
The worse the condition the more dramatic the result 

Mental Body 

The mental body is intimately connected with the physical. As the physical stress releases you become more aware and clearer in your thoughts. Images may flash before your mind's eye and solutions to your life will naturally present themselves as yo u relax to the vibrations of the music. 

Mental benefits are: 

    • Greater clarity as to purpose and outlook 
    • Greater awareness of your environment 
    • Core issues may present themselves and resolve 
Emotional Body 

Mostly our emotions have been repressed for so long that they have become locked very deeply in our body tissues and mental patterns.  Music creates emotional resonance that will release blocked feelings. 

Emotional benefits are: 

    • Release of blocked emotional patterns 
    • Connection to previously "unfelt" emotions 
    • Enhanced self worth and empowerment 
Imagine bathing in an ocean of sound that caresses your whole body and touches your innermost self. The sessions are designed to rapidly assist the body's innate capacity to be whole, and to move to new levels of awareness. The sessions are one hour. During this time your facilitator will be consulting with you through a standardized procedure that greatly facilitates the session. Sessions are individualized and may include aromatherapy, toning, Reiki, Light Language, NLP techniques, kinesiology, energy work, and specifically selected passages of music.  

There may be some processing after the session as the body mind spirit connection releases old patterns that have been changed by the frequencies of the musical passages and the vibroacoustic "musical massage" effects. 

Here is an quote that illustrates the transformational qualities of the DreamWeaver: 
"During the first session my held emotions were being massaged out of my body. I was able to visualize scenes from my past that had caused me to give my power away and to bury anger and to react out of fear. I was then able to visualize those scenes in different ways and by the end of the session I was actually laughing and enjoying myself. After the first session I went through a process of releasing a great deal of guilt and fear about making choices, not to mention releasing anger. I really started feeling great about myself aside from others' opinions. During the second session I felt the pain and tension in my legs, hips, and back being released as I was doing deep breathing. There was some pain and tension in my chest and I saw that being released, and as that was, I felt incredible. Lots of peace, joy and love. Felt lots of forgiveness. Saw some scenes from my childhood and parents house. I began to feel very integrated and balanced. Felt that I had released a lot of anger, fear, and guilt. Felt more open to self." Marlene  

Photo Credits: 
    Cover of "Cymatics" © Hans Jenny, available through Jeff Volk 603-659-2929  
    Castlerigg by © Truett Tidwell  
    "Theologue" © Alex Gray  
    Dogon Rain Dance and DreamWeaver ©1983 and ©1995 Benedick Howard  

This article is copyrighted, all rights reserved. However, you may use in whole or partially provided that the thoughts, ideas, and or facts are not taken out of context and remain faithful to the meaning, intent and scope of the original. Proper credit must be given to the author. 

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