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These colored geometries balance the "I am" connection to the Heavens and the Earth through a grid of Love and Preservation

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Lets play for a moment!

We are going to explore the wave particle motion of color and form:

Imagine a rainbow of color.

Divide the rainbow into seven colors and place them at the seven chakras.

Now vibrate the colors and change them with your moods

Observe how the colors are always changing and moving, how it feels.

Paint your universe!

Each shape has different properties, just like acoustics in a room, hallway or lobby. 

The square behaves very differently than the circle. One is stable the other rolls, one has corners the other non. One has flat faces the other only has rounded faces.

Looking at it 3D, 4D and so on these properties are amplified and refined many fold. Just look at a square and now look how much bigger the cube is in the 3rd dimension compared the the 2 dimensional flat square. Now imagine what happens to the space in and around the cube as you go from the 4th dimension to the 5th. Its awesome!.

Adding color to these shapes changes the vibratory rate even further.  It changes the "texture" and consequently the feeling of the shape, like feeling the roundness of a rough or smooth sphere ... red being more active and "rougher" than say the smoother blue.

In that sense the cube is "rougher" than a sphere.  Light Language sculpts these properties to create resonance and form into matter.  We see this in the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms.  Light Language has the same potential to create and manifest an atom or a universe and everything in-between.

So each color and each shape has a different feeling ...

Deepak Chopra states that  ..."our bodies are 99.9999% free space".

It is through this free space that Light Language manifests balance, harmony and unity.  A long kept secret by Aztec/Mayan and Spirit Masters Light Language is now here for you to use in joy and love ... feel free ...

The secret is ours once again! 

By using simple forms you will discover the power of Light Language - the hierarchies of structure - that creates resonance from dissonance as the old ways disolve into bliss.



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Light Language tutorial online
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