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Personal and Planetary Transformation
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DreamWeaver Sessions

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Each session in the DreamWeaver has its own life. Co-creating within the DreamWeaver is an extra-ordinary experience. Clients and facilitators have noted the following effects:

  • On the physical body: Reduced stress, reduced physical pain, improved sleep, deepened breathing and strengthened immune system.
  • On the mental body: Increased clarity and focus, enhanced creativity and productivity, balanced brainwaves and quieted mind.
  • On the emotional body: Relief of emotional pain, a profound feeling of being soothed and nurtured, release and transformation of grief, anger and fear.
  • On the spiritual body: A feeling of inner peace and joy, enhanced awareness and connection to source.
  • On all bodies the chakras and meridians balanced.

Working with a Facilitator:

The DreamWeaver vibrationally assists the body to a higher resonance. It works on all levels of the body, mind and soul. Each DreamWeaver facilitator provides their unique presence to your time together while creating a safe and supportive environment for you to relax and enjoy.

When coming to a DreamWeaver session you are asked to wear comfortable clothing. Sessions last between ½ to 2 hours. DreamWeaver facilitators provide different services so check with them. Your facilitator will tune sessions to your unique needs

I have professionally referred many colleagues
as well as clients as I am convinced that the DreamWeaver gives significant results.
Adele Miller RS Hom.

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Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Sound and Sacred Geometry

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