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D r e a m W e a v e r I n t e n t

Directing the Energies of Change

by ©1998-2002 Suzanne E. Parnell, Ph.D., R.M
DreamWeaver Facilitator

In 1997, I had the rare opportunity to use the DreamWeaver® with a group of seven advanced energy workers involved in a six-month Reiki Master-Practitioner course. They had come together to learn everything they could about healing with Reiki energy and about self-healing as the central paradigm for healing others. All seven were experienced in the use of Reiki and other energies for healing; all were practicing healers (one an MD, another an RN); and all were energy sensitive, highly intuitive, and very experienced in the techniques of Reiki healing, including the role of Client intent in the healing process.

I designed the course with self-healing as the pedagogical paradigm for healing others intending to merge DreamWeaver® work with Reiki training. And so we began with intensive work on our own personal issues using the DreamWeaver® as our primary tool for clearing and release. DreamWeaver® sessions were held during class with the other six students assisting me as facilitators for the seventh person in the DW. Three of the students had done DW sessions on their own in the last year, but none had done more than two sessions and only one had seen a DW session from the perspective of facilitator-assistant. All had worked with their own Reiki clients on setting intent to heal, on letting go of "stuff," and on opening to the changes healing brings to our lives. All understood the relationship between energy and intent. In short, they were new to the DW but hardly new to the principles of energy healing.

The sessions were powerful, the energies in the DW and the room intense. Each person underwent significant or useful breakthroughs in addition to what I have come to call, "collateral healing," the effects of the spin-off energies facilitators experience during DW sessions. Moreover, as a group of highly intuitive and verbal people, the seven were able both to "see" and discuss the events occurring in the sessions. As we examined our group and individual DW experiences, we began to see an array of effects emerging from what appears to be an intrinsic interrelationship between the client's intent for the session (including statements, thoughts, words, and connotations), the dynamics of music selection, and the energetics of change occurring during the session.

For some time I have been intrigued by the way a facilitator “knows” which music to play next. Sometimes I "hear" the name of the piece or the track number on a specific CD--sometimes even on CD's I have never heard before. In these instances, I assume I am "hearing" directions from my Higher Self, the client’s Higher Self or Guides, perhaps the Masters. I have learned to trust these directions implicitly. Other times, however, the knowing is different, is more connected to the energetics of dynamic change occurring moment to moment in the DW than to any thought packets in my head. I often have the experience of knowing, even reaching for the selection I think will be next, when at the very last second of the current track, I "know," "feel" the next one must be another piece altogether. This knowing is particularly strong whenever I am physically inside the boundaries of the DW with the client, i.e., directly within the energies of the session as opposed to sitting just outside of it.

What we discovered during the class sessions was a correlation between the precision of the student's intent statements, the intensity and dynamism of the music selection process, and the degree of perceived/intuited changes occurring inside the DW. Five of the seven Master candidates did considerable written preparation on the issues they wished to clear in their DW sessions, material which they brought with them in the form of notes and files. Their notes were not only personal working papers on the boundaries of their issues but also carefully worked out intent statements that included in each case phrasing to the effect (1) they "chose to release all aspects of <the issue> on all dimensions and on all levels of existence, past, present, and future," and (2) they were "open to all changes such release would manifest in their lives on all dimensions and on all levels of existence." The other two participants were more general in their intent statements and were by agreement not open to deep changes at that time. The observed differences in the sessions were dramatic.

In the sessions where intent statements were precise, detailed, and intended to produce deep changes, the facilitators could "see" when the music intersected the words or emotions of the intent, then could "see," "feel" the new energetic reality emerging from the intersection of music and intent. The flow from aspect to aspect of intent took on the cadence of symphonic "movements" or tone poems in which we could tell which part of the intent we were working on at a given moment. These "intent:music ratio" also had a rising and falling cadence--with points of rest before the next wave of clearing. At times we felt we could see geometric forms emerging and changing, growing and receding with the words inside the DreamWeaver®, and at one point or another each of us separately was reminded of the images of matter dancing and shifting to the vibrations depicted in Jenny's film, Cymatics.
As the one guiding music selection, I found myself thrust much more deeply into a moment to moment awareness of the changing emotions, thoughts, and energetics of the client. I could "hear" mental snatches of words and thoughts as well as feel the emotions; once I could see energies associated with the words of a song appear to swirl with the energies of words from the intent I was hearing in my mind. In this kinetic environment, I would not know what music was next until almost the last note of the piece that was playing, so intense and so fluid were the changes. Sometimes, I knew I had to repeat the same track of music--or part of it--because the work was not done.

By contrast, none of us experienced the intensity of rapid change and kinetic flow with the two who set more routine and general intent statements. There was the usual sense of emotional release, magnification of energy, of some overall change, but on a much lesser scale of intensity than with those who linked forcefully with clear knowledge of what to release and firm intent to do so. With one of those who chose the less strenuous approach, not one single piece of music was played to completion, and the sense of controlled, limited, even restricted, change was obvious to everyone.

In the discussion of our collective experiences, I was reminded of information I had understood previously concerning the nature of intent and change in the DreamWeaver®. I shared the information with the group and asked for their observations and comments. What follows below is the results of our assessment of what we know of energetic theory, what we observed in our DreamWeaver® experiences, and what several in the group, including myself, "heard" or intuited about the nature of the DreamWeaver® and the function and form of "intent" in that energetic environment. It is by no means complete or exhaustive, but I offer it in the hope others will be able to amend, extend, and build on it as we learn more and more of what it is we do.

It is a commonplace of metaphysics that all things are energy, that thought (intent) is one form of energy, that thought creates the template for material form and draws or coalesces energy into those forms for manifestation. Matter, therefore, is the manifested energy of thought or intent working at all levels. It follows on the personal level that what is within an individual's consciousness is that which is manifested in his or her external reality. Our thoughts are complex energy patterns that manifest at all levels of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies that compose our total existence. It follows that if all matter, all thoughts, all emotions are energy, and energy can neither be created nor destroyed, then for change to occur, energy has to be transformed into new templates of manifestation. To transform energy which manifests as form and shape through the agency of thought, we have but to change thought, to change the energies of the mind that are creating our realities.

But how do we do that, and more importantly, how do we do it quickly? The answer, I think, is in the linking of specific sound vibrations (music and/or lyrics) with the verbal/emotional energies of stated intent inside the DreamWeaver® so that deep changes in both thought patterns and the reality they are manifesting can occur.

We all know the universal law of attraction, i.e., “like draws like.” By extension, everything that comes into our lives is pulled to us in response to that which we put out. As we think, so we feel; as we feel, so we radiate; as we radiate, so we attract to ourselves. Another way to say this is that “energy speaks to energy;” vibration and frequency pull (attract) matching vibration and frequency. The vibrations contained in the energy of our minds, of our thoughts, emotions, hopes, etc. provide the "magnet," the energetic pull for energies of similar vibration to cluster, intensify, and manifest.

In spite of the illusions created by linear time and space, by the material world we experience, all things move and manifest by thought energy, i.e., by the energies of intent. On the Earth plane, all things are created, changed, and experienced by human intent, by human thought as perfected in action and words. But Earth is a free-will planet, and the implications of that are far reaching in our efforts to grow, change, and ascended spiritually. In the paradigm of absolute free will, there is no quick fix, no Deus ex-machina to wave a wand and remove our problems easily and quickly. Our bad choices manifest consequences in our lives; our healing choices, intended to correct the consequences of unenlightened choices, emerge from conscious self-evaluation and bring the chosen form and degree of healing to all levels of our beings. Our Guides, Higher Selves, not even Source, can or will force a healing intention on us, nor can they infer intent that is not expressed, nor add to intent that is poorly expressed or incomplete. To do so would require them to actually change the energetic content of our minds and bodies and thereby alter that which we attract to ourselves (our karma); to do so would be to violate our free will in the most fundamental way and would create circumstances in our reality of which we have no energetic knowledge, responsibility, or understanding and with which we are not prepared to deal. It is, therefore, absolutely essential we take full responsibility for and an active role in framing our intentions to change our own lives and in discovering the parameters of that which needs to be changed.

There is a science to the energetics of manifestation, and people manifest incompletely or incorrectly because they do not understand the literal nature of the resonation of energies. The energies of intent, desire, and emotion, when tightly, clearly focused, provide a template to attract energies that fulfill--and fill in--the form outlined by the template of our intentions. We experience desires, pictures, images of what we wish the future to be, but all of those are really waves of energy that could be graphed or read on instruments had we equipment sufficiently sensitive. Resonation, the merging and meeting of energetic waves that are compatible in frequency, cycle, and amplitude, is a matter of harmonics and form. Seen as energy, intent is a specific type (frequency) of mental energy, one that sets the energies of the future, that is specifically tied to and resonating with future energies. If we cast the template, the initial thought form, incompletely or it does not contain in its energy that which we think it does because we have been careless or uninformed--we will not manifest what we seek. Intent is always more than wishful thinking, more than bright-eyed, naïve optimism. Our intent is the aggregate content of our wills, our minds, and our emotions acting for or against our highest good--with or without our conscious understanding of its content. We are always manifesting these cumulative intentions. Whether we do so with conscious awareness or from the hidden drivers of the subconscious is a threshold choice we must make.

The complex matrix of our intentions for ourselves is magnified geometrically in the DreamWeaver®. The interplay of the copper form of the dodecahedron, the music, the action of those (seen and unseen) asked to assist, the Reiki and other energies we bring with us, our conscious intent statements, and our unconscious, unspoken intentions create a new manifestation equation beyond time and space that works directly, in real time, on the body and the holographic energies of the aura. The real and pervasive changes clients experience in the DW are the direct result of the holographic nature of the matrix of DreamWeaver activity.

The energies of intent are present in the DreamWeaver® both through language--the intent statements--and through the constellation of thoughts, emotions, and ideas which we call into our minds as we discuss and formulate intent with the client. They can even bring the details of that which they wish to release into the DW in the form of notes and files which are not read aloud but are referenced in the intent statement, thus linking those energies to the process. Nevertheless, much of the "work" of intent is done in the energies of words--both on the part of the client and in the lyrics of songs.

Words in themselves are powerful energies. The connotations of words are actually clusters of associated energies that are already part of the energetic packet that is a word. When we use words we are inserting energetic packets of content, of meaning into the template of our intent--and into the energies of the DreamWeaver®. The words of intent statements, therefore, must be selected individually and carefully. If we are careless, off-handed, lazy, too general, in denial, or do not understand the energetic content of the words we choose, we alter, perhaps retard, the manifestation of the changes we seek. On the other hand, all individuals are the products of their native and learned languages, of their cultures, of cultural archetypes, and of personal and unique life situations. Therefore the same word will not have the same energetic content for all people; the part of the energetic content that is cultural will apply for and resonate with members of one culture but not necessarily with others. It is important in DreamWeaver® work that each person find and use the words that resonate most fully with his or her mind and emotions. The facilitator’s mind, vocabulary, archetypal associations must become transparent to the client in order to encourage the client to find the best words to express personal intent into sound.

We set the energies of intent by what is in our minds, referenced on paper, and contained in our intent statements. If we have thought through our intent statements carefully, have the original template in our minds, and the words selected reflect the true content of that intent, then those energies begin to manifest, attract, and "act" exponentially during the DreamWeaver® session. It is important the intent statement be in the client's own words because those words have the deepest energetic connections with Self, have resonance for him/her, have connotations that have resonance. The person's own words provide the energetic receptors through which the music selected for the session links to the total content--conscious and unconscious--of the person's full intent, thus allowing changes, as Jenny demonstrated, at the geometrical level that underlies both the cellular structure of the body and the energetic structure of the aura.

In this way, the template of change attracts the content of change. The mental energies of intent act as receptors for the energies of change, much the way receptor sites in the brain are keyed to specific endorphins which can provide natural pain relief for the body. Intent energies prepare the body, the chakras, the aura, the mind to "attract" those energies that create a new energetic structure, the template of which is in the focused intentions. The music intensifies and connects with those energetic receptors to allow the vibrational changes at the deepest levels; hence, those times when those working in the group "saw" and "heard" the energies of words merging and flowing.

The future effects of past and present intent (i.e., old) energies are already in the auric energies brought into the DreamWeaver®. By opening the session to all levels of existence, old energies that block the manifestation of the intent in the current space/time relationship are adjusted, nullified, removed. It is important to intend the “changes to occur on all dimensions and all levels of existence, past, present and future” in order to remove those intent energies already in the aura and the body that are contrary to that which is presently intended. To allow full energetic action, we must open the way for change on all levels that spring from intent--past, present, future, all simultaneous realities--all levels, even those we do not understand but sense exist. In this way the energies that manifest our reality in linear time and space can be adjusted very, very quickly and a new set of manifestation energies put in place.

Without a clear intent statement, the sound vibrations have only unfocused, undirected energies of intent vaguely held in the mind and in the body with which to connect; there are, in other words, no or few or weak "receptor sites." With broad statements such as: "I will release old anger," anger is released when not attached to issues unknown or unexamined, but much that is tangled with other energies remains unchanged after the session. On the other hand, a clear precise intent such as, "I will release the old anger and pain associated in my third chakra with the abuse I experienced as a child," creates precise, laser-like surgery of those old issues; and when done on all dimensions, all levels of existence, along with clear-eyed acceptance of the changes the release will bring--the transformation created in a short period of time is nothing short of miraculous.

I believe the DreamWeaver® is the most powerful tool for transformation on the planet today--even without conscious intent on the part of the client. If what we are seeing of intent is even approximately true, the power and potential in it is awesome, humbling, exciting--but oddly--not frightening. We hold our DreamWeavers as safe and sacred spaces where any can come to dance with the energies of creation, with the latent power of the Self to rediscover what we actually are--powerful Spiritual Beings on a human journey. And again, it is Intent that rules: ours to facilitate others for their highest loving good, the clients' intent to be transformed for their own health and happiness, the spiritual realm’s intent for us to bring light and love to the planet. This Synergy of Intent, the driving power of the DreamWeaver®, protects and guides us on our amazing journeys between dimensions into the future.

We have been blessed.


1 For a detailed and unified discussion of this aspect, see John Davidson, _Subtle Energy_ (Saffron Waldon, UK, 1987), 67-86. 
2 In my opinion, one of the most significant books for DreamWeaver facilitators wishing to understand the relationship between light, sound, and transformation from a metaphysical perspective is, _The Light Shall Set You Free, by Dr. Norma Milanovich and Dr. Shirley McCune (Albuquerque, NM, 1996). 

This article is copyrighted, all rights reserved. However, you may use in whole or partially provided that the thoughts, ideas, and or facts are not taken out of context and remain faithful to the meaning, intent and scope of the original. Proper credit must be given to the author.

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