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November 2000
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Intent, Intent, Intent

by Benedick Howard
DreamWeaver Creator

When I had the first visions of the DreamWeaver over 7 years ago, I knew that this was to be a major part of my life's work. Extraordinary things were happening to me right from the initial sessions. I had come across various research papers on vibroacoustics, studies of the effect on pain, on headaches, on autism. But when I started touring around the United States on my "walkabout" I found that the effects were far more complex and varied than what the research papers from the music therapy departments at Miami University and Kansas had suggested. As I learned more about what was happening and documented the results of thousands of healing sessions on myself, friends and clients, I realized that tremendous inner changes were being facilitated. People's lives were literally being transformed, sometimes in the space of a single session and over several sessions, whole new life styles were being spontaneously illicited and, with guidance, automatically incorporated. 

You can imagine the excitement! 

As a student of free will and empowerment over many lifetimes, what really excited me was that natural life forces were being reawakened in me and those around me. The vibroacoustic music was somehow freeing the energy in the body to blossom. The engineer in me, of course, kept on wanting more. The question that burned in me for years was, "Now that I've got the hardware, the vibroacoustic technology, how do I develop the "software" for the releasing and attuning the discordant components within our bodies most effectively?" 

The first step, of course, was that Spirit guided me to really "push the envelope" and master my own issues. As I embraced and in turn acknowledged being embraced by Spirit, I grew more confident in expressing my evolving self. I found myself consistently choosing to move with the confidence, empowerment and love which served my evolving vision, and away from the patterns of dissonance, fear and low self worth that had been so deeply rooted in my body. As I cleared (and continue to clear!) I became empowered to ask deeper and deeper core questions. The sacred scientist in me recognized that the life changes which people were experiencing were the result of the clients' invitation for them to manifest, through their intention. I knew then that the real refining and enhancing of the power of the technology lay in the intent behind its use.

To intend literally means "to stretch". The power of intention lies in its source, the heart. The strength and higher frequencies of compassion, of wanting to be one's truest and best, call the body to release the slower dissonant chords of fear, and to accelerate and entrain with the heart's song of higher purpose and harmony. This focusing of the intent is the most fundamental principle of the DreamWeaver protocol, and the DreamWeaving training covers this and many other issues around the responsible use of this powerful tool. And in a world where plagues are evolving faster than our thoughts the DreamWeaver may prove be a cost effective technology for immune suppressed diseases. This is one of the critical parts of the training; how much vibroacoustic energy can the body take as a whole and in particular the immune system.

What makes good DreamWeaver facilitators great is their ability to hold a space for clients to discover this for themselves. This is accomplished through the deep connection of both the client and the facilitator to their Higher Selves and the masters and guides that come in during the session. A common question is, "Can't I just lie there by myself and let the music do the work?" The answer is Yes, you can do that, and that alone WILL create a lot of change. However, the inner processing only goes to a certain level and then slows right down or stops, because a clear intention/invitation either isn't there or isn't strong enough. In the Bible Jesus says: "Whenever two or more of you are gathered in my name, there shall I be." A session guided by a trained facilitator compounds the individual intention of the client, and generates a "critical mass" effect of consciousness and intent.

Over the years I have been shown time and time again that the DreamWeaver is an incredibly sacred space, a healing temple of inestimable proportions. The DreamWeaver acts as a mirror that reflects an image of oneself as it is constantly being cleansed cymatically by the music and energetically by the sacred geometry. All the layers of the physical and energy body are addressed, and a clear, innocent newness of self is revealed. When the old fears, wounds and beliefs are being discharged, some people perceive the world out there as unfocused and discombobulated for a while. These shifts are reflected immediately in the assessments of the session protocol. As the changes are integrated during the minutes, hours and days after the session, the clarity and love of the intention shine out. Our experience has repeatedly shown that the deep trance state induced by the DreamWeaver process is most productive and rewarding when coupled with the highest integrity and intent, and facilitation.

As the body/mind/emotions and spirit become increasingly clear, the states elicited in the DreamWeaver become increasingly ecstatic. Clients experience higher and higher etheric levels. They see past lives, other universes, alternate realities and, with training, are able to access the very building blocks of creation. They often report being hand in hand as brother and sister with masters on the other side. And they return from these journeys with conscious memory of the insights revealed. Resolving and implementing these insights can, of course, appear challenging. Self worth issues may arise: "What do I do with all of this special sacred knowledge? How do I communicate it? How do I make a joyous contribution to life here on Mother Earth?" Here again, the ongoing support of the facilitator and the power of intention is invaluable.

Our planet is in the process of a dramatic and critical phase shift. The stresses of these times challenge the balance and harmony of us all. Everything is in flux and accelerating.  When it is good, it is GREAT, and when it is crazy, it is CRAZY. Just look at the commotion stirred in the past few weeks.  A while back it was the Hale Bopp comet has heralded huge messages of change, for others an awakening.  Now it is the issues with the atomic bombs in India and Pakistan and Y2K and even others that are not touched by the press.  

The world's great teachings of all ages tell us that the only way through these times is to simplify our lives and to live passionately, from our hearts, in truth. The DreamWeaver sessions offers a process which facilitates our individual, and consequently planetary, transformation. At its core lies our intent, and our intent is the key to successfully being in the now and visioning the future.

See you there!


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