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November 2000
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B l e s s e d B e g i n n i n g s
A DreamWeaver Discovery Story 

by Bentley Kalaway 
 Musician and DreamWeaver Owner


The personal journey that led to my becoming a DreamWeaver facilitator in training began appropriately, with a dream. 

As dolphins circled and sang to me in dreamtime, I heard the message to become more involved with sound and music for healing.  

It was quite significant to me that I had asked out loud before sleeping to see the whales or the dolphins. I awoke with a profound and joyous feeling of change. This was a new piece of information to integrate with my many years of songwriting and musical performance. 

It was while surfing the Net with this intention in my heart that I found Benedick Howard and the DreamWeaver. I knew I had been guided there. With great joy I found out that this whole new world of sound healing and sacred geometry was just one island away from Maui, my home in Hawaii. I felt no hesitation and after being accepted into the program made a commitment to begin the training. Magically, two days later, the dolphins again came to bless this journey. This time they arrived in real life to circle and swim with my husband and I in a beautiful bay off the island of Lanai. I had not been in the water with dolphins since I was a child. The deep joy I experienced then matched the feelings of the dream. And again I had asked from my heart to see them.  

I arranged a trip to the Big Island and off I flew. I finished the business I had there with the rock and roll band I perform with and drove to Kealakahua to have my first DreamWeaver experience. Meeting Benedick Howard and Dawn Ferguson felt more like reuniting with old friends. They are both so full of love and life! It was very apparent that the energy of Benedick’s research and application of sacred geometry and sound, and Dawn’s vast experience with dolphins in the wild, had blended and found its way to me. As I held a brochure in my hand depicting a dolphin swimming through the DreamWeaver, I knew again this journey was blessed. 

I felt moved to share my deepest self with my new friends in the form of a song I had composed three days earlier. The song, "Seek and You Will Find", speaks of finding and sharing our gifts using our hearts, our words, and our minds. As I sang on the deck overlooking Kealakahua Bay, peace and deep joy united our hearts. We then took a magical walk on the land at the retreat center called Poleaku Gardensmeaning "protected womb". A perfect place for beginnings! We said prayers at the Tibetan stupa and walked the Labyrinth on the property. 

We carried this energy into my first DreamWeaver session. Words cannot describe the personal transformation I experienced as I shed layers of energy to uncover a newborn self, deeply connected to many beings of unconditional love and guidance. Tears of release and joy allowed me to celebrate this newness. Benedick and Dawn brought such clarity and power into their guidance of the session as a team. As I reflected on the day, March 9, 1998, I felt as though I had experienced a new birth of spirit. I then remembered that I had often thought I was conceived on my father’s birthday, March 9! 

It was quite apparent that I needed to extend my stay, change flight plans and continue the adventure. Jamyang Sakya, a Tibetan princess was to give the Green Tara empowerment that evening at Poleaku Gardens. Amazingly, the cleansing and empowerment ritual was given in three stages; for the heart, the words, and the mind. The song I had sung earlier came back to me adding to the total experience I had in those moments. Early the next morning, after prayers to Green Tara with Jamyang Sakya and at the request of Dawn and Benedick, I had the opportunity to sing this song for this very special lama. In humbleness and reverence I offered the simple words and melody, accompanying myself on guitar. She asked where the words came from and I replied that I received them from spirit when I asked and listened. She placed a traditional white scarf around my neck and a medallion of Green Tara. She blessed the music and the service. The moment held such awe and as I looked back at Benedick and Dawn, love and joy sparkled in their eyes. 

My journey into discovering and working with the DreamWeaver truly had blessed beginnings. I flew back to Maui with a new sense of self and purpose. My intention is to share the magic and healing with others. 

Last night, as I picked up a magazine sent to me from a friend who was not quite sure why she sent it, I found an article about dolphins. Ilona Selke writes, "in the presence of dolphins"…people have been reported to change… "their life path, reconnecting with their spirit and aligning with their deeper purpose for living". I had come full circle in understanding the blessed beginnings. 

I have worked personally with the DreamWeaver for about five weeks now. The blessed beginnings have released me into ongoing discoveries. I learn more every day about the power of sound and sacred geometry for personal and global transformation. I also use the DreamWeaver as a sacred space to co-create with Divine energy as I listen to the silence and bring through songs of healing and light. 

I look forward to sharing my discoveries and the awesome healing power of the DreamWeaver with many people. 

In deep gratitude, 

Bentley Kalaway


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