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International Child Birth Educators Journal
November 2001
by Linda Stalvey

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Childbirth and Pain Management
in the DreamWeaver

2002 Crystal Lujan-Howard

When I was first introduced to the DreamWeaver I said “What a kick ass stereo!” Little did I know its potential for deep relaxation, healing and personal transformation. I met Benedick Howard the creator of the DreamWeaver socially while on holiday in Maui. I’d experienced success, glamour and travel as a casting director in Los Angeles which was great but I knew I needed some emotional clearing and he recommended a professionally facilitated DreamWeaver session. I went in the DreamWeaver with the intention of releasing some of my emotional issues, in particular, grief, anger and negative behavioral patterns. My first session was quite profound and it greatly assisted me in seeing a new possibility of being in my life. I felt a true release at a deep inner core level. It was the beginning of a great black cloud lifting from me. I was then able to invite love into my life and am now happily married to Benedick with a beautiful baby boy named Sterling. Life is sweetand the future is bright.

I have witnessed many physical and emotional healings in the DreamWeaver during our open houses and the expos we’ve participated in. I’ve rarely had to deal with physical pain so at first I couldn’t quite grasp the concept of the physical pain relief that people were experiencing while in the DreamWeaver. Even with all the testimonials right in front of me I didn’t get it because my healing was emotional and seemed so subjective. I got a strong inkling of the DreamWeaver’s power though when a close friend of mine, who had been in a serious motorcycle accident, had a DreamWeaver session with Benedick. He was constantly in pain and was embittered by the accident and its aftermath. Benedick asked him on a scale of 1 to 10 to rate his physical pain, 1 being unbearable pain and 10 being pain free. Even though it was over a year since his accident, he still rated himself at a 2, very close to unbearable pain. While in the DreamWeaver he experienced great physical relief and well as being taken on an extraordinary spiritual journey. He went into the DreamWeaver a non believer and came out rating himself at a 10, pain free! He was also beaming with a new understanding from his vision in the DreamWeaver of why the accident had happened to him in the first place. He said he felt a renewed connection to source and that’s what it was all about. It was wonderful to witness.

Now let me tell you about my personal experiences with pain relief in the DreamWeaver. The first time was when I had food poisoning. I recognized it because I had it once before as a teen. At 5 am I was very ill and in great pain. I felt the next step was to get to the hospital. Benedick told me to go into the DreamWeaver. I didn’t believe for an instant that it would do me any good. I said to him, “This is not back or neck pain, this is internal!” Benedick practically carried me to the DreamWeaver. He played a Liquid Mind CD at very low volume. I was moaning in pain but within 10 minutes I felt warmth and a balancing in my whole system. I must say I was truly amazed. My convulsions, nausea and stomach cramps settled down and I was able to relax and actually fall asleep in the DreamWeaver. When I woke up I felt okay. I didn’t need to go to the emergency room anymore. Going in my pain rated at a 1, unbearable pain and after the DreamWeaver I was at about a 7. I wasn’t quite myself for a while but I felt substantially better and was back to my healthy self within 24 hours. I was astounded at the DreamWeaver working so quickly and effectively on my illness.

During my pregnancy I spent quite a lot of time in the DreamWeaver which felt so safe and loving, as if I were in the womb. It was a beautiful 9 month experience and as the months went along I could feel my unborn baby respond as we listened to and felt the music in the DreamWeaver. I felt it was bringing us both great nurturing and happiness.

The birth was an amazing experience. My water broke without the slightest bit of contractions. 30 hours later my doctor gave me Pitocin to induce labor. It came on hard and fast though the baby was not ready to descend. Another 10 hours later the baby’s heart rate slowed down dramatically with each contraction. The doctor said a caesarian section was necessary so that the baby would not go into distress. I regret having being talked into the Pitocin because I think the baby would have come down just fine in his own time, but for whatever reason physically or spiritually the baby came into the world via a c-section. One very good thing about it was that he came out so alert and attentive from the moment he was born without a trace of trauma.

The first night home was tiring and painful. I was hurting so much it was very difficult to move around and attend to Sterling’s needs for feeding and changing in the middle of the night even though he was sleeping in the same bed. The baby and I had a long and sleepless night. He was crying and I was crying and I thought “Oh my God, is this what it’s going to be like all the time?” In the morning Benedick took our crying baby boy into the DreamWeaver. Within moments of Sterling hearing and feeling the music he calmed down and fell asleep for an hour. He and I then slept together soundly for the next 4 hours. From that first time in the DreamWeaver at 4 days old up until the age of 6 months Sterling slept very soundly and woke up only a couple of times during the night for feeding without ever having to go into a full cry. He would just give a tiny whimper or pat me with his little hand to let me know he was hungry. He is the most delightful, joyful and healthy baby I could ever have hoped for. We are thrilled at how happy he is all the time.

A few days after my c-section, which is considered major surgery, I was feeling more pain than ever even with the supply of Darvocet that had been prescribed for me. Benedick led me downstairs to the DreamWeaver. While I was in there I felt a few sharp pains where I’d been sliced open. It was excruciating though within minutes the pain completely subsided. I went into deep relaxation without any pain whatsoever while in the DreamWeaver. I felt connected and full of gratitude. I stayed in for the duration of Deva Premal’s beautiful CD The Essence. It was extraordinary relief. Upon getting out of the DreamWeaver a few minutes later my pain came back strong as ever. Benedick said I was going through a healing crisis where the pain was coming to the surface, but that it would pass. Sure enough it did pass within a couple of hours and my pain level was reduced by at least half from when I first got into the DreamWeaver.

I continued to spend time in the DreamWeaver regularly. My recovery was swift and I was walking and hiking with the baby around the hills of Silverlake and back to playing tennis with Benedick in about 3½ months. I am happy to say that within a week of the birth both Sterling and I immediately balanced out and got plenty of restful sleep throughout the night after our experiences in the DreamWeaver. I most definitely attribute my quick and problem free recovery both physically and emotionally to time spent in the DreamWeaver.

I am still breast feeding and my menstral cycle is irregular. The other day I had painful stomach cramps from the onset of my first period in 3 months. After 10 minutes in the DreamWeaver my pain went from a 4 to a 10, pain free. Again I was amazed. The concept of music, vibration and an energy field created by sacred geometry to heal your pain sounds esoteric yet I know it has worked for me and many others.

Of course you don’t need to have any pain, ailments or emotional issues to have an incredible experience in the DreamWeaver. It’s simply an amazing sound system that feels great! I am quite fortunate to have a DreamWeaver right in our own living room and I often go into it purely for entertainment. It’s a fantastic sound experience and great stress management tool. It gives me instant deep relaxation and takes me on incredible inner journeys. I am finding my newest goal is to see the DreamWeaver really take off. Sky’s the limit. In this time of worldwide chaos and anxiety I really believe this beautiful transformational vehicle could change the planet. We’d sure be a lot more relaxed.

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