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The word
" parfume"
comes from
the French
which means
smoke ...


A r o m a t h e r a p y
by Benedick Howard

"Par Fume", or "through smoke", describes the method of utilizing essences of plants (essential olis) as spiritual messengers to carry prayers to and from the higher realms.  Special aromas are provided with the DreamWeaver called the Trinity Oils.

Designed specifically for the DreamWeaver environment, the Trinity Oils are three essential oil compounds blended to facilitate three fundamental aspects to healing work. These aromas will specifically guide and synergistically orchestrate the movement for the participant. 
The combination of aromas is immensely powerful in facilitating subtle and very specific changes in the body, the mind, the emotions, and the spiritual dance that is orchestrated by the sacred geometry and the vibroacoustic stimulation on the body.  The subtle energies of fragrant plant essences have been enhanced by charging them during the manufacturing process in a specially prepared dodecahedron.

The Trinity Oils are made specially for the DreamWeaver out of the finest oils available.  Hand blended and charged in a small dodechedron to enhance their potency.  They are remarkable and only available as part of the DreamWeaver package. 

Using the Trinity Oils 

Use as three stages during the session. Or, if there is a specific issue, use to open, move and close as a sub routine during the session. Monitor the breath as a physical sign that the change of state has been accepted. Alternatively monitor the aura for the subtleties of how the aromas are affecting the etheric body. And the subtleties give the clues as to how the person is reacting, there may be a movement of the foot or hand accompanied by a puff of energy form that area, or a twitching, or the head may slowly move from side to side as the muscles in the body are dearmoring. 
Or there will be a cough as material in the lungs or throat is loosened both on the physical and emotional bodies. Sometimes there will be no recognizable sign, however in subsequent sessions there will be an opening occurring in the body that is accompanied by mental, emotional, and spiritual changes. That is where the  Luscher color test and 1 to 10 questions really help to show the progression and pinpoint areas to be addressed. 

1. Opening: to prepare and support the person for their inner journey.  
2. Moving On: to keep the paths clear for moving through the issues.  
3. Closing: to complete, set in and balance the new awareness.  


Let the client know that you will be using aromas during the session and depending  on the nature of the session it may be appropriate to announce the invitational  prayer for each stage. Remove the cap from the bottle and hold the cap in front of  their nose watch the breath. Move the open bottle close to the nose, but do not touch the skin as a different chemistry will be affected. Just before the inhalation hold the cap about one inch from the nostrils and monitor the breath as you recite the prayer. With subsequent breaths move the cap away until a deep breath or sigh happens or there is some indication like a smile or part of the body may move. 
Replace the cap on the bottle. And generally sit back and let the change of state set in with the music. Maybe do some energy work like Reiki. 

1. Opening: to illuminate the direction for introspection. 

"I invite you to relax and take a deep breath of this aroma that will help you to open and begin to let go from your concerns. Focus inwardly. This aroma contains Clary Sage (Venus) to help you see joyously from a viewpoint outside your body like an eagle. Ylang Ylang (Moon) to awaken your feelings in safety and security, Mandarin orange (Sun) for encouragement, Jasmine (Moon) for a sense of lightness and playfulness to move through the dark clouds, the withholding and the hesitation of the past, Bergamot (Sun) for illumination, Angelica (Sun/Venus) for connecting the Higher self to the earth and Rose (Venus) for love, balance and purity whilst honoring your personal 

2. Moving On: to move through, to gain further insights and to clear the emotions. 

"Now allow these aromas to assist in moving through and gain a deeper understanding of the issues . Focus inwardly on what you have seen. This aroma contains Lavender (Mercury) as a mobiliser, Rosemary (Mercury) as an activator, Juniper (Jupiter) to give you the courage to move through the fears of the past, Vetiver (Saturn) to help you go to discover the core of the issues, Geranium (Venus/Libra) for balance and integrity and appropriate action and Ginger (Venus) to move on energetically." 

3. Closing: brings energy to seal the process with a continuing unfoldment. 

"Take a deep breath to seal and ground your journey. Remember what you have seen and felt. This final aroma contains Frankincense (Jupiter) for expansion and  purification by nourishing the male side with courage and ability to utilize what's been accomplished. Sandalwood (Moon/Venus) brings equilibrium, and Cedar (Jupiter) strength. Cypress (Saturn) enhances the purpose discipline to stay on the path. Sage (Jupiter) purifies for spiritual integrity." 

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