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DreamWeaver Applications

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  • The DreamWeaver and the DreamWeaver Facilitator Training is for people wanting to create or expand their practice in the healing arts. The DreamWeaver may be used in conjunction with a wide range of therapies such as aromatherapy, acupuncture, biofeedback, Bach Flowers, crystal healing, chiropractic, cranial-sacral, detox, hypnosis, massage, pain and stress management, polarity therapy, psychological and transpersonal counseling, Reiki, sound healing, vibrational healing and yoga. The design of the DreamWeaver makes it easy to use.
  • For health care, the DreamWeaver offers a tool for stress and pain management and wellness. Many studies have shown stress is the largest contributor to disease. Thousands of DreamWeaver clients have reported significant stress reduction. Further, those dealing with post medical care testify to accelerated pain relief and a renewed sense of well-being. DreamWeaver facilitators are continuously exploring and incorporating new applications for the DreamWeaver in their clinical work. For example pre and post allopathic care, therapeutic counseling, prenatal care, sensory integration work, autism, A.D.D., and some cancers.
  • For counselors and therapists, the DreamWeaver can be a beautiful tool to assist clients in emotional healing. The resonant properties of the DreamWeaver coupled with the client’s intention and deep state of relaxation, result in their emotions naturally rising to the surface and releasing from a deep cellular level. Accelerated emotional healing has frequently been observed by facilitators working with people dealing with grief, trauma, anger and negative patterns.
  • For progressive corporations, the DreamWeaver, employed as a stress management and visioning tool can reduce stress in as little as fifteen minutes promoting balance, clarity and creativity. Results bring increased productivity and profitability on many levels.

  • For schools and social programs, the DreamWeaver can be a creative tool to address the problems of kids, adults and senior citizens with special needs, be they physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. DreamWeaver facilitated sessions can facilitate the improvement of self worth and self empowerment.

  • For babies, kids and teens, the DreamWeaver is a fun, nurturing and calming way to open up imagination for renewed self-esteem, clarity, focus and music appreciation, no matter what their taste. They love the way it looks, sounds and feels!

  • For spiritual explorers, music connoisseur, leisure industry, the DreamWeaver may be used as a tool to explore states of consciousness. They often report experiencing deep meditative states, revelations, out of body experiences, prophetic visions and a blissful state of being that comes from a profound connection to Self on all levels.

  • For the music connoisseur, the DreamWeaver is a completely new experience. The quality of the sound is amazing and the sacred geometric environment wraps the whole body in music. The ultimate listening and feeling experience!

  • For the leisure industry, the Dream Weaver will please guests at luxury hotels and spas as the deeply relax and enjoy sootheing music.

  • For the arts and entertainment industry, the DreamWeaver entrains musicians, composers, singers, dancers, artists, actors, writers and filmmakers to enhanced levels of creativity, performance and excellence.

We see DreamWeavers s worldwide for
personal and planetary enjoyment,
evolution and healing.

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Personal and Planetary Transformation
with Sound and Sacred Geometry

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