Issue 11.  October 2002

Resonance - Dissonance
Of Sound and Sacred Geometry

©2002 Benedick Howard and Paradigm Shift

As a healer and inventor I have been truly blessed to work with one of the most powerful vibrational healing technologies on the planet – sound and sacred geometry – the medicine of the future.  Over the years of facilitating others and my own inner process I know, have felt and have seen that sound and music is an organizing force resonating throughout life and consciousness itself.  This resonance finds its way to areas that are dissonant and as though by some miracle changes the vibrational pattern to allow the energy within and around one to flow effortlessly.  As areas in one’s being clear the energy moves again and tunes and refines to greater and greater awareness, confidence, self worth and inner empowerment.  As a consequence of this new energy the dramas of the old self are reduced and one lives in a different world full of joy and synchronicities.  Through this one’s life is changed forever, the chatter lessens, the physical and emotional pain transmute and more and more attuned to the authenticity of one’s be-ing.

All my life I have been aware and connected to Spirit, my anthroposophical childhood education nurtured that in me.  The practical side as an engineer taught me how to envision, develop and manifest the creative forces within me.  In those early days in mining engineering I worked with structural geometry and microscopic sized particles.  During this time I physically visited the crystalline ore deposits of the vast Canadian shield of gold, sliver, lead and zinc and even uranium.  It was during this time that I had my first crystal healings and awareness.  Leaving engineering in 1979 the focus of my life shifted into the exploration and performance of African percussion that took me in 1983 on a journey through 17 countries in Africa.  I found my heart in Africa and I felt connected to the earth for the first time.  The highlights were staying with the Dogon and the Ituri pygmies. 

In 1987 I could feel my life was changing during the Harmonic Convergence.  As I stood there watching the sun set I saw that I had become more deeply connected to spirit.  Before the month was over I was attending classes with Dr. Randal Baer a naturopathic doctor in Hot Springs, Arkansas in Crystal Energetics and the Sacred Sciences.  Dr Baer had written two of the first books on combining crystals with other modalities to build Unified Energy Fields (healing temples) for ascension work.  By combining Buckminster Fuller’s approach to energy with J.J. Hurtack’s “Keys of Enoch” and his background in naturopathy all inspired me to devote my life to developing these new ascension tools.

I had found something very profound and spiritual when I started working with the geometries in this new way.  I knew that I had worked with these in previous lifetimes, and I knew that this was what I was here to explore once again.  Over the next months I was giving up all that I had materially desired, my property, my security and my lifestyle.  To others it was a seemingly dark dissonant period in my life as I let go of so much.  The reality was to make room for the new.  In its place I had found a new passion and a new “spiritual path” that made my previous work and life experiences a foundation to build upon.

In the spring of 1988 Dr. Baer asked me to take over his Starcrest Academy of Interdimensional Law and Sciences.  Later that year Dr Baer passed away in a car crash in Oregon.  Over the years I designed and hosted workshops to unravel the inner workings of 3D geometries to enhance vibrational resonance on the body and consciousness.  I learnt how to use these geometric structures from hands on experience.  By developing my inner vision and hearing I discovered more and more about the effects geometry from the sub atomic realms through to the galactic, of consciousness and life itself through the helixing DNA.

What makes geometry sacred is how you use it intentionally.  The intent steers the experience just like driving a vehicle.  If you want to get from A to B it is the intent or desire that gets you there.  Using intent such as contacting the higher self, or bringing hidden memories into consciousness greatly magnifies the result.

As you may know a Merkaba is a vehicle of light that creates an energy field to transport the traveler metaphysically and some claim physically.  In the sacred geometric world there has been a lot of esoteric teaching about these in the last decade with very technical rotating geometric visualizations.  However, they are beyond most people’s capabilities and my feeling about this technology is mind based and of little practical use. 

I designed my workshops over the years to initiate people into the practical application of sacred geometry.  Over the years the results showed that the psychological disposition of the individual determined most of their experiences within the shapes.  To illustrate this I had built the geometries out of metal tubing and participants found the different shapes had different effects on them.  For instance some reported becoming more centered and focused, or aware and expanded.  As these workshops evolved over the years the geometries showed some extraordinary properties.  For instance we could create three-dimensional holographic images of the participants by stacking the geometries on top of one another.  Some of the shapes compacted the person’s energy field.  Others expanded the aura as it changed color until it reached a beautiful bright purlescent light.

Fortunately I had had no psychological training other wise I would have not investigated this path with the same openness and spirit.  I began to realize that the different shapes could be used to assist the individual to access areas of the subconscious and re-member those dissonant memories.  Also the geometries were a basic language each shape having a different resonance.  Just like the vowels have different sounds and shapes.  One avenue led me to help document the use of thought form projections of coloured geometries for healing called Light Language.

One of the skills I had learnt as a development engineer was to appraise a system and to make designs that would test the system.  This proved invaluable in this complicated psycho-spiritual investigation.  What I began to realize was that quite often things did not occur as one would expect them to.   A new set of criteria was needed to define what was going on and why.  As this evolved the Sacred Scientist inventor in me intuited that it might be possible to create an environment, a Sanctum Satori that would balance the body on all levels of the Body, Mind and Spiritual continuum.

Today the geometry affecting our consciousness has shifted not only about our selves, our society and the planet but also the connection to the spiritual and the “I am that I am”.  The old paradigms of fear and separation are breaking down and reshaping and the geometry has changed from a shape that preserves – the pyramid to a shape that supports these changes and integration – the dodecahedron.

As I became more experienced at recognizing and feeling the properties of the five Platonic solids (tetrahedron, hexahedron, octahedron, icosahedron and dodecahedron), I found that there was one solid that repeatedly had a far higher resonance and consciousness liberating property than the others.  The dodecahedron the secret shape of the Pythagoreans, corresponds to the ether, Chi, Gaia and Prana.  By contrast if we examine the use of the pyramid though history we find that it is used to preserve the status quo of that ancient civilization and to anchor specific “acupuncture” points or grids around the planet. 

My life had to shift when I started my work with sacred geometry.  Working with the shapes both as 3 dimensional forms and as Light Language brought forward the issues in my energy field that needed a new resonance.  Predictably these shadowy blocks of dissonance and stress in my physical body, my mental attitudes and emotional dramas all came to the surface and into my awareness.  As I let go of the drama of the old preserved beliefs, layers on layers of my life shifted until I reached a place of surrender and for longer periods of time could allow myself to trust that all I am here to learn and witness is about being totally present to the moment.  As I practiced this surrender my life changed to a new harmonic of flow and being, and for years it feels like I have been on a aborigine “Walkabout” following my instincts and letting life bring me the opportunities and abundance and in return feeling more and more gratitude and self love.

In the years 1987 - 1995 I was holding the intent to create a sacred geometry environment that would balance the body on all levels.  I had no idea how it was going to look, or how it would manifest.  In 1992 I was in a lucid dream that gave me a vision and plans, as I absorbed this I asked that others would be brought to me to develop the work.  It took several years for it to come together, and in reality it still is evolving.  During these years I was learning many healing techniques, as my goal was to become a natural hands on healer.  In 1992 I started working with a large and very expensive geometric sound activated neural network feedback environment called the “Genesis”.  With this new space age tool I continued my research around the United States and into Canada.  After many extra-ordinary experiences within the Genesis I realized that this cymatic technology had huge potential for consciousness evolution.

I had learnt that all the wisdom in the Universe manifests through some simple basic truths.  Use these basics in a resonant system to amplify the connection with the Universe and the body will be supported and accelerated in its divine majesty.  Connecting to Love and the heart creates this resonance, trying to control that connection creates dissonance and separation of the ego through fear.  They are like the wave and the particle.  Opposites, yet at times merging as one.

My work with the dodecahedron evolved into my creating “The DreamWeaver” to deliver music to the ears and vibrationally throughout the body.  This musical massage component was the missing link in my earlier work.  In 1995 I put together the first prototype and started selling them to the public.  Or, rather it was the other way round!  People were being “told” about me in their dreams.  Now that’s an interesting marketing technique for the new millennia!  It was like a “spiritual” marketing plan.  The following year the environment was christened “DreamWeaver” because of the many dreamlike states that are activated. Currently as of 2002 there are nearly 100 units worldwide and from DreamWeaver sessions and training we have developed a new healing methodology.

The DreamWeaver is the full body surround sound system in which you hear and FEEL the music that enhances deep relaxation, stress management, inner bliss and healing of the body, mind and spirit.  The Dreamer lies on a musical massage bed within a gold plated twelve-sided dodecahedron.  My early work had consistently illustrated the beneficial effects of the dodecahedron.  It literally supports life’s changes and consciousness evolving because it resonates to all of the vibrations in our universe.  I believe the twelve faces resonate to the twelve strands of the DNA.  The dodecahedron supports the Dreamer to entrain this higher resonance more fully.  Entrainment is a resonant property, it is the process through which sound can break a glass, or when one system resonates another it becomes entrained to the first system.  The DreamWeaver supports the human energy field to resonate and entrain to the life supporting properties of the dodecahedron.  As the body adjusts, the energy within the dodecahedron is raised to a higher level and the entrainment between the Dreamer and the dodecahedron increases.

This will happen within the dodecahedron automatically however as the musical massage is felt throughout the body it releases dissonant stressed areas.  The whole of the bed is vibrating with the rapidly changing mandalas created by recorded or live music.  These patterns (cymatics) resonate throughout the body and rapidly assist in physically reducing stress and pain, calming the mind, soothing the emotions and connecting the Dreamer to the higher self and into a state of deep relaxation, awareness and bliss.  When intent is combined with the DreamWeaver the music becomes a carrier wave with the intent riding on top like a surfer riding the wave.  This supports the Dreamer to entrain to the intent very quickly and the synergy of the system resonates much more completely than the parts.

When you have a series of DreamWeaver sessions you discuss your specific issues and through a session protocol you arrive at the intent for your experience in the DreamWeaver.  After documenting tens of thousands of sessions Professional DreamWeaver facilitators have noted the following effects on clients.  Keep in mind your session will be as unique as you are:

  • On the physical body: reduced stress, reduced physical pain, reduced blood pressure, heart rate balanced, breathing deepened and the immune system is strengthened.
  • On the mental body: the brainwaves are balanced enhancing clarity, creativity and productivity.
  • On the emotional body: reduced emotional pain. You feel nurtured, comforted, calmed and empowered to master your behavioral patterns.
  • On the spiritual body: chakras and meridians are balanced and centered.  Then you feel connected to your higher self and bliss.  Often these experiences are out of body, very lucid and even prophetic.

The biggest lesson in my life has been “Physician Heal Thyself”!  I believe that if we want to heal the Planet then we have to heal ourselves first.  All through the years I have learnt more and more about myself.  The way I react from a place of dissonance and fear instead of responding, resonating love and joy.  I have learnt the importance of intuition, quieting the ego’s chatter and being present in the now, love, laughter, eating well and yoga.  In the 15 years of doing this work and creating a living from it I have reached a very clear place about my part in our collective ascension.  My moving to England is to bring this work here, to be available for private sessions and to train others.  Are you ready to transform the dissonance in your life into resonance?  If so I am available to facilitate and honor your highest intent, to empower and bring joy to your life. 

Blessings and Love,


About the author:

Benedick Howard born in London in 1951 grew up in England and went to Michael Hall anthroposophical school.  He graduated in Mining Engineering in 1975 and in 1975 immigrated to Canada.  Working in the mines and manufacturing as a development engineer until 1979.  In 1983 he traveled through 17 counties in Africa staying with many tribes including the Dogon and Ituri pygmies.  Culture shocked and in love with Africa< he returned to Canada with the knowing that he had a big contribution to make to the planet.  After the harmonic convergence in 1987 he commenced on his new work with sound and sacred geometry and his invention the DreamWeaver.  In March 2002 he moved with his wife and year old son back to England to set up a private healing practice and to personally introduce the DreamWeaver to people this side of the Atlantic.  He has professionally trained DreamWeaver facilitators and there are nearly 100 DreamWeavers around the planet.  His vision is to see a DreamWeaver in every village by 2006.  He may be contacted in Chelsea, London at 07939 268016 for private sessions, sales and training and through a very informative multimedia website including a video aired on Sky TV Channel Health summer 2002.

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